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The Precious Lord Take My Hand is the most famous song of the great composer Thomas A. Dorsey. Dorsey is known as the father of gospel music. Mae ford Smith diskutieren Gospel Music History Musica Cristiana. By alcuni la gospel music ?

la musica nera. to praise God wherever you go.

Comeento AI BRANI - Valuable gentleman

The most famous song of the great composer Thomas A. Dorsey is Prescious Lord, sometimes also called Prescious Lord Take My Hand. Here you can listen to the songs of the great composer Thomas A. Dorsey. The tragic circumstances that led to the composition of the piece are told by Dorsey himself: "In 1932 I was 32 years old and a happy new man. My wife Nettie and I lived in a small apartment in Southside Chicago.

I didn't want to leave because Nettie was in the last month of our firstborn's pregnancy, but many people were waiting for me in St. Louis. So I said goodbye to Nettie, went down the stairs and, with our Model A, to the cool breeze of Lake Michigan, left Chicago on Route 66. I found Nettie was fast asleep. I hesitated at his bed: Something suggested I stay.

But since I had to hurry and didn't want to disturb Nettie, I drove the thought away and left the room in silence. The following words were affixed to the yellow leaf: YOUR WANT IS DEAD. All they told me on the other side was, "Nettie's dead, Nettie's dead." When I got back to Chicago, I learned that Nettie had given birth to a child.

The same night, the child died. I buried Nettie and our baby in the same coffin together. I didn't want to serve him anymore or write more Gospelsongs. But when I was alone in this dark apartment, thinking back to the afternoon when I had gone to St. Louis, I remembered that something had told me to stay with Nettie.

I wanted to stay home with Nettie! Words seemed to fall into the right place: Precious Lord, take my hand, guide me, lift me up, I am tired, I am weak, I am exhausted, by the storm, by the night lead me into the light, take my hand, precious Lord, take me home with you. By giving me this music and these words, the Lord healed my spirit.

It was my friend Theodore R. Frye who insisted that the title of the song should remain Prescious Lord instead of Dorsey's chosen title, Take My Lord My Palm, and with this title the song became famous. Translated into 32 languages and recorded by virtually all the great black and white singers of contemporary music, no other song has enjoyed the success of Prescious Lord.

Of course, it was one of the first songs to be performed at Dorsey's funeral in Chicago on January 28, 1993. To compose Premicious Lord, Dorsey was inspired by the Protestant anthem Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone, with music by George N. Allen (1812-1877) and text by Thomas Shepherd (1665-1739) and others.

The melody is very linear and Dorsey's own arrangement uses simple chords with only one cyan touch on the word "lead". The practice of using traditional melodies to build a completely new song is perfectly normal in gospel music. The same authors and singers of the Golden Age of the Gospel point out that knowledge of the traditional repertoire is an inexhaustible and indispensable source of their inspiration:

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