The Punk Rock

Punk Rock

Raduno Punk Rock is the Italian summer festival that brings the Euro scene together. Read Randy's full text Punk Rock City from the album The Human Atom Bombs. It is the home of rock par excellence, it is itself a myth for lovers of this genre. Translation for 'Punk Rock' in the free English-Italian dictionary and many other Italian translations. Raduno Il Punk Rock, naturalmente.

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Have you ever thought that punk rock can also become an anti-stress drug? This is the idea of Californian Aye Jay (already author of Gangsta Rac Coloring Book', Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book' and The Indie Rock Connect-the-Dots Book') and New Yorker Steven Blush ('American Hardcore: A Tribal History') who did this funny work that allows you to paint the tattoos of Henry Rollins, members of Green Day and Siouxsie Sioux.

A passion for all rock and Metal music, from Thrash to death, from progressives to AOR, a healthy carrier of it. I grew up collecting old music magazines, living for music, stuck to the barriers of concerts all over the world. I have worked with Heavy Worlds for many years, radio presenter at with my show'Sick Things', where I combine the love of music with the love of literature and Horrorkino.

The rise of Beto, from punk rock to congress

The reserve is released: Robert, Â "BetoÂ" to the Mexican, OâRourke is officially in the field for the primary Dem, who will decide the challenger of Donald Trump in the 2020 elections..... And now the close confrontation he had a few weeks ago with the president in his hometown of Texas appears as a premonition for a broader challenge: In El Paso, a historic Texas city on the border with Mexico, Â "The DonaldÂ" had given a speech on the need for the Wall, while Beto OâRourke had gathered his supporters right next to the current barrier to demand a stop to the militarization of the borders.

He is the rising leader of the Dems, the man who touched on the conquest of the Senate seat in Texas, the historic Republican stronghold, in the medium-term elections and managed to get 48% of the vote. A measure defeat against the ruling Republican, Ted Cruz â" former challenger of Trump at the 2016 Republican Primary â" but its somehow a victory.

And Trump has paradoxically contributed to Bethos success by focusing the national political debate on the wall on the border with Mexico. OâRourke is of Irish origin and Catholic, despite his position on migrants and the struggles for the rights of the homosexual community, OâRourke is considered a moderate democrat. As a boy he not only played skateboarding in the city, but also as a drummer and bassist in a local punk rock group along with Cedric Bixler Zavala, now a member of Mars Volta, with a background as a drummer in a punk rock group.

After graduating from Columbia University in 1995, he returned to Texas and decided with a friend to start a computer consulting firm. However, the turning point for him is 2005, when he goes into politics with the Democrats and is elected to the city council in El Paso. Re-elected for the second time, he leaves the office of advisor in El Paso to try to be elected to the House of Representatives.

In 2012, he defeated the challenger Silvestre Reys in the primary dems, then won the seat with 65% of the vote and ended up in Congress. He was re-elected to the Washington Parliament in 2014 and 2016, while in 2018 he decided to try his hand in the Senate. The defeat doesn't seem to have stopped the rise of the former deputy, however: in view of the presidential elections in 2020 his name is mentioned in the prime spot of the Democrats.

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