The History of American Folk

History of American Folk

In Oral History of America's Folk Music Revivals: American and British music scenes of the 20th century. This project offers a unique insight into the history of American folk music. Wasren Kimble, American Folk Artist: Let yourself be inspired by the history of the simpler times that influenced Warren's art.

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the history of Irish Dance.


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Small, but very interesting. - Admiration to American Folk Art Museum, New York City

As a New Yorker, I came to the museum all my life and expected it to be the equivalent of itself. Unfortunately, there was little folk art or any art. It looked more like a gallery than a museum. The museum is free of charge and the location opposite Lincoln Center is convenient. The museum is quite small and everything can be seen in 30 minutes.

If I haven't missed anything, there are no permanent works, but only the temporary exhibition of the moment, which is currently Folk Art in New York City. The museum has an interesting souvenir shop. It' true, it's free, but not much of an art museum.

One exhibition was a series of paintings and sculptures by the Jamaican artist John Dunkley and others were the Ghanaian artist Pope Joe with the exhibition "Gates of No Return" and a videotape about his coffin. While these were interesting exhibitions, I had an expectation of American folk art with its rich history.

I asked about American quilts and said there were possibilities. The gift shop is fun, but others surpass it by far like Baltimore. When I visited, I thought it was a big museum, even though there was no really popular art in America, the two exhibitions were really beautiful.

But when I read the reviews and found out that there had once been 4 stories of American folk art, I was disappointed to have missed my chance. The souvenir shop was beautiful, and the receptionist could give me some information about a popular artist who was in the books that he was exhibited in this museum.

My only daughter pointed out that the American Folk Art Museum was right across the street. He is a famous Jamaican artist of the 30s and 40s. Near the entrance there is a museum shop offering many handicrafts.

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