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Folk music group

From Leggera Electric Folk Band. A quartet that picks up the best tracks of international pop and rock and offers them in a folksy mix tradition and modernity. Read more by The Folk Band. Made in Italy: amazing Bulgarian voice in a strong band. A video by Corpo Bandistico Folkloristico Dozzese, the Sciucars and folk dancers.


GENTLE: # HAPPY PEOPLE, GOD HELP HER # It is not often on this page that I review or recommend CDs from friends or colleagues. Since it is not often the case to insert a CD into the player and leave it there for days without ever getting tired and enjoying each listening, it must be supported by all means. This is the case with the Leggera Electric Folk Band: a group of young people who grew up between scores and aquacotta, who a few years ago invented a musical project associated with the folk songs of Monte Amiata (Grosseto) by opening the dusty chests of an old memory, singing them anew and updating them with modern and surprising arrangements.

In their second and much appreciated full-length record "GENTE ALLEGRA IDDIO L'AIUTA", directed by Gianmarco Nucciotti and produced by Riccardo Corso, these sorcerer's apprentices have the audacity to entertain Jamaican reggae and storelli from the tavern, the muse and Caterina Bueno, the land and the stories of the mine, the rocks and the Goliardie, with a taste and a desire that - I assure you - will hurry you to a concert tomorrow.

Giacobbe Chiara Chamber Music Group

She plays violin and harmonium, sings, writes songs and has been founding her own band: Chiara Giacobbe Chamber Folk Band. A violinist student at the Conservatory, Chiara Giacobbe grew up with Italian songwriters and artists from home and abroad, such as Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Speaking Heads, Johnny Cash, Sarah Vaughan, and the need to start singing and focus his talent for composition on writing original songs.

Giacobbe Chiara is a multi-talented musician, full of innate talents, who has collaborated and collaborated with many musicians and groups from home and abroad, among many that we first remember Yo Yo Mundi, also because Chiara has been part of the band for years and contributed to the creation of the successful last record Evidenti Tracce Di Felicità, which plays violin in several tracks,

He arranged all parts of the strings and contributed to the writing of the theme tracks and then followed Richard Lindgren (he is part of his Italian band, he recorded and arranged Malmostoso), Jesse Terry, Paolo Bonfanti (which we also find among the guests of the CD), Gnola Blues Band and many others.

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