The Breeze and I Jimmy Dorsey

Jimmy Dorsey and The Breeze

You' d be so nice by the fire. As the breeze blew up, he sang a lullaby. You' d be anything my heart could desire. It' all from me, O' Connell Helen, who recognizes the excitement of the Jimmy Dorsey era. Jimmy Dorsey sang My Sister And I Lyrics Song:

a rhythm that still makes you dance.

The history of the Swings, In the thirties, after decades of the predominance of traditional New Orleans jazz and after the depression of 33, there was a desire for new air. In Cansas City, a great conductor, Count Basie, with the attitude of talented young musicians, created a musical phenomenon that had its golden decade in the 1940s.

This phenomenon was called singing eras. Shortly afterwards in New York a certain Duke Ellington and other composers like Fletcher Henderson, Benny Goodman, Jimmy Dorsey, Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, Woody Herman and Artie Shaw contributed to the success of swimming, brought big orchestras together and pushed themselves more and more into the cultivated music (European matrix).

The spread of the swing music is also due to the radios that broadcast these songs day and night, as much as I can, in all states and during the Second World War throughout Europe. During these years singing music was widespread thanks to another medium that quickly penetrated many rooms, with many films that finally had the sound: film.

Big movie productions had their own soundtracks dedicated to this musical genre, and many movies even featured swings distributors and dancers from all over the country. The first feature films with a musical theme were born. Among the best known are Fred Astaire and Ginger Roger, tireless partners who seemed to float in the air dancing classic swings.

It must have been because the swings were danceable, catchy, romantic and, during the war years, aroused the desire for light-heartedness, which soon spread overseas and even to Italy, where the war had already experienced its spring in its very own form, with Italian words, before the war. The Italian swings were born, a form that continued after the war after the arrival of the Americans.

Today the swings, like many other fashions, experience their second youth and the swings, music and dances again fill the dance halls and improvised spaces to satisfy the fans. A music that, despite everything, goes well with her eighty years.

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