The best Punk Songs

Best Punk Songs

When the children are together: Best Posh Boy release of melodic songs! but I hear hardcore and crust. I fell down the stairs with my guitar? So we drove in your van, with a band full of my best friends, and we turned on the radio and sang.

The best songs

Even the "No Use For A Name" on the threshold of twenty years of glorious career come to the classic moment of the "Best of". They have written memorable pages of hc melody for the last twenty years and have always remained an independent group standing on the ground where the only thing that interested them was to make great music, and they have always succeeded.

For boys my age, they are undoubtedly a symbolic bond, when you hear a record like "Leche con carne" at the age of 14, it is impossible not to be struck by lightning. Tony himself explains in the leaflet the reasons for this record: to offer their supporters "a mixtape" with their best tracks, as we did in the era of audio cassettes where there was no web, spending all the afternoons making compilations with the songs we liked best in a group.

Probably the web has brought many young people closer to the world of music, but it has also led them to lose the poetry behind those moments when you heard your mother yelling at you from behind, to turn down the loudness, because you disturbed the neighbours, but you went on intrepidly, because you didn't want to disappoint the emotions that this music and these songs had transmitted to you.

In the brochure, the members and friends of the group take stock of the situation, which for many years has not been useful for a name, between satisfaction and hard work, between joy and worry. An artistic and human journey that has made them a group that is valued for their music, but also for the human responsibility they still have.

I was lucky enough to see them 5 times in my life, and every time they could convey real emotions to me, you could see them speaking quietly in the audience, joking and having fun before the concert: that's the difference that distinguishes the musicians from the real "artists". I sincerely hope that this is not the last chapter of her career, because the scene still needs people like her, driven by real passion and still manages to convey emotions and make you love this music more and more.

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