The best Punk Rock Bands

Best Punk Rock Bands

Genova punk scene" and all the people who try to keep our city alive. One of the best songs is definitely "I tried to die young". "The best punk memoir I've ever read. Eric Azzopardi - better known as Eric il-Punk - one of Malta's punk rock pioneers died. called The Weirdos were an American punk rock band from Los Angeles, California.


Over 20 years experience in defending the flag of punk rock. The Lillingtons, one of the most respected bands of the underground scene, will soon return to Italy. Friday, May 3, 2019, the Rock Towndi Cordenons (PN) will host the return of the American group to our country for a single date. The history of the Lillingtons began in 1996 with a self-produced pop-punk record, Shit Out of Luck, on which Kody Templeman (vocals and guitar), Zack Rawhauser (guitar), Cory Laurence (bass) and Tim O'Hara as Timmy V (drums) leave out their typically youthful, sentimental turbulences.

In the following years, The Lillingtons continued their journey inspired by groups like The Ramones and Screeching Weasel until they released Death by Television for Lookout Records, which NOFX's Fat Mike called "the best pop-punk record ever". Launching a third record in 2001, The Backchannel Broadcast, the group began to gain fans and make a name for themselves in the subway scene.

Despite some failures and reunions, the 2006 group released The Too Late Show, but the continuity of the project begun ten years earlier is undermined by the many commitments that each member of the group makes themselves. In 2017, ten years after the last record release, the group finally gave birth to Stella Sapiente with Fat Wreck Chords, a highly anticipated album that marks the quartet's return from Wyoming to form, greeted by a renewed crowd of fans ready to move under the stage of the group's electrifying concerts.

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After the first date in Brescia (VIDEO), when DEROZER started the local sales show, the concert series of the 4 Punkrockers from Veneto continues! HERE the event with all dates! Also the summer tournament comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Publish the first Italian dates of NO REMAX in the category Tours!

We officially announce that the official sponsor of the DEROZER Club 2012 will be Duracel, who is currently on the road to promote their latest album âNati in the 80's, which already gives them great pleasure! The main date of the DEROZER ONLINE LIFE 2012 trip. HERE the dates and the event on facesbook to be there with all information!

The main date of the DEROZER ONLINE LIFE 2012 tour. HERE the dates and the event on facesbook to be there with all information! One of the bands that has shaped generations of Italian punk since 1989 and is not just an institution that couldn't pass by our scene for long and was finally expected is over!

From March you can see them on the road, more loaded than ever, in original formation and with a ladder to the Fulmikoton! <font color="#808080">Man: A letter on-line le date!!! Greetings to all of you, and the year 2012 will be a year of punk, rock, alternative, full of so much beautiful music made with heart and mind!

Get ready for a new masterpiece from an Italian punk rock institution! The band is currently shooting the song "Shelter", which will be released on November 5th! The new Duracel online Duracel movie "Born in the 80s" Click HERE to see it! Finally online "Deejay" preview of the new album of DURACEL "Born in the 80s", which will be released on October 15th!

At the moment the group is involved in the shooting of the title track movie "Nati negative 80", which will be released on October 5th! Updated the sectionTour with a lot of new data from Gerson, Duracel, Andead, L'Invasione degli Omini Verdi, Scacciapensieri, Atlas Loosing Grip, 1000 degrees. Five pieces of pure Hc melody which mark an interesting growth of the group, which, without neglecting the technique which has always distinguished them, are more structured and more direct than before!

<font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents The tour section has been updated with a lot of data, among them: Wilhelm Scream + The Invasion of Green Men, Moravagine (Reunion), This is a Standoff, Turbo ac's! many more messages soon! We are very pleased to announce that the new Invasion of the Little Green Men, "And there is" will be the ITALIAN MIDEO OF THE WEEK on Rock TV in the week from July 11th to 17th.

Gracie Rock TV!!!! After two months of working together on the promotion of the eponymous album and the conquest of the title TV show entitled THE WEEK on Rock TV, the group joins our family with the full week-long rotating Le Navi d'Aral on Rock TV! THE OPFER, ANTI-FLAGGE, PETERPAN SPEED ROCK, MAD SOUTH, SKRUIGNER, PLATTFUß 56, YELLOWCARD, THERE FOR MORROW, BAD APARTMENTS, GERSON, TOMMI AND EHRLICH CITIZENS, INVASION OF THE SMALL GREEN MEN, HUMAN CLARITY, DURACEL, RIVEL SÜNDE, SKRUIGNER, PLATTFUß 56, TOMMI AND EHRLICH CITIZENS, INVASION OF THE SMALL GREEN MEN, HUMAN CLARITY, DURACEL, RIVEL.

New single and videoclip from L'Invasione degli Omini Verdi from the unreleased track "E c'e'". A song that marks a further artistic growth of the group, which, in the meantime, which is breathless, cries out the anger of the quartet from Brescia against a society "driven, dirty and polluted by poverty, ideals and pure greed".

MOORAVAGINE - REUNION TOUR 2011How many have talked about it in these years? Moravagine are back, one of the bands that has shaped and started the Italian punk scene of the last 13 years! And then the group decides to come on stage for YOU for only 7 exclusive dates in the ORIGINAL FORMATION of "Not to grow", Tony, Andrea, Alessandro, Andrea and Davide, the first original singer, will let you rest and relive the magical atmosphere of one of the most beautiful records their hits have ever suggested.

SCRUIGNERS - LAST DATE OF TOURAfter 9 breathtaking dates, mostly full and packed with more than 3000 people gathered all over Italy, the Scruigners finish the celebrations of their 15th birthday stylishly at home and ready to break their bones for the last time. Prepare for the last massacre of this tour!

In November of this year Ondead will be on the road to support the new album "With Passionate Heart" which will be released on November 8th for Rude Record. Pending the new dates you can see Alive Ondead on April 26 at the "Loud and Proud" Festival @ Alcatraz - Milan + Madball, Dropkick Murphy's, Devil's Brigade, H2O.

Accompanied by Andrea Rock, Julia leads the programme "Virgin Generation", which is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 18.00/20.00 hours. Recently she also returned to television (in the past she was All Music DJ) with the opening of Virgin TV where she presented videos of the bands most frequently heard on Virgin TV.

Dj, Vj and model, Giulia doesn't hide a rock spirit that makes her travel far and wide in Italy to dance with her Dj, putting the audience in the best rock clubs in Italy! Only 13 days to the Punk of the Year Event, NEVERMIND THE FESTIVAL, with The Casualties, UK Subs and the Victor.

THE CATTIVE ABTIMINI - THE PRIME DATE OF THE TOUR! Finally online the first dates of the New Tour of Bad Habits. More new dates will be published soon! Finally for the fans of bad habits the waiting time for the release of GEMINI 1 is diluted by a gift that the guys want to give you all a preview!

The fans of BLAN DE FUGA will be happy to know that their favourites have won the BEST ROCK GROUP of the YEAR prize organized by VIRGIN RADIO! ANNOUNCED THE SKUIGNERS TOUR ON THE OCCASION OF THE 15TH BIRTHDAY! Italian punk, your questions have finally been answered! Qualitroverete did the date! Support the group that has been marking and leading the Italian hardcore for 15 years, the most famous group, the one that is most loved by the audience.

PRIMA) L'INVASIONE DEGLI OMINI VERDI were voted BEST PUNK FOR THE 2010 edition of their new record "Nel Nome di Chi?" and received the baton from their colleague label DURACEL, Best Punk Volume 2009! Released on 30.11. 2010 "The Beauty of Fall", the new record of the quartet Alernative Rock ANOMIA.

Between Rock and American Punk the ANOMIA convinces completely! The former Timoria has recently returned with the new album "La Capanna de-llo Zio Rock" (Carosello 2010). From January 2011 Omar and his group will finally go on tour all over Italy, playing on the stages of the best club with the new songs and the best hits of Timoria!

Ein breve verranno announces the date of the tour! The album promises to be powerful, direct and stylish Bad Habits, the group says that "Gemini" pt. 1, followed by part 2, will be a record consisting of both the melody of "Everything is part of us" and the aggressiveness of "The Best of the Worse" waiting for a preview, and we're waiting for the bands to come to the studios next month!

We don't know yet how many songs it will compose, but we are sure that the group will reach the goal again this time by giving us a record from Antologia! They shared the stage with Dropkick Murphyâs, Less Than Jake, Real Mckenzies and dozens of smaller bands. In 2005 GMM Records released the début record "Eastside Of Nowhere", followed by a splitting with Left Alone, Ska-Punk-Band from Los Angeles on Hell Cat, the new work " Living In The Fallout" was produced by Jim Siegel, who worked in the past with Dropkick Murphyâs, Give Up The Ghost, The Unseen.

They are opened at 10.30. The invasion of the Green Men and immediately afterwards, at 11.05, follow the bad habits! Online-Qui il naovo "Escape Tour" of the Fuga Plan. New dates in der Rubrik Booking von Peter Pan Speedrock, Duracel, L'Invasione degli Omini Verdi, Strawberry Blondes, Tommi e gli Onesti Cittadini, Rivelardes.


Many updated dates in the booking section and on! Today the invasion of the Green Men "In Whose Name?"! the debut album of the Brescian group, will also be released in Japan on the renowned label Punk iya face! After the success the group has had in Italy, Japan also rewards them and starts to love them!

Get those punks up! eli onesti cittadini is not an experiment, it's not a side issue, but it's just a great group capable of producing a wonderful record that will be released on March 19, 2010! Alive Arile Intizierà il Surround! -You can get a foretaste of the album on their website where you can also find the tourdates always up to date!

Also this year there is the best known and best-selling alternate album in Italy! Famous guests of this band will be: DIE UNSEEN, ASHERS, THE THOULS, VICE SQUAD, STRAWBERRY BLONDES, THIS IS A STANDOFF, A WILHELM SCREAM, SHARK SOUP, LOS FASTIDIOS, THE INVASION OF THE GREEN WOMEN, Bad ABITUDINI, DURACEL, HUMAN NETTICE, RIVELARDES, GERSON and many more.... Today is the big day, finally you can buy the new record of Duracel "The Factory of the Monsters" in all record stores.

Rocks 'n' roll boys!!!! Rimparare a Strisciare's Gerson Rimparare a Strisciare movie can now also be seen on Rock Tv - Channel sky 718 in daily rotation and can also be ordered in the My Rock Tv section. Confirm new dates of foreign artists such as: Unique Italian date MAD SYN, THE CRASUALTIES, STRAWBERRY BLOONDES and other dates of our Italian artists, including the New Tour of DURACEL and then many dates of GERSON and many more!

It'?s a nice belle sorprese. Gerson's new Gerson tape "Rimparare a Strisciare", which will soon be available on-line, was shot on ALL MAUSIC in the All Music Loves Italy and All Music Love's Rock n Roll programmes, broadcast every Tuesday and Wednesday at 14:00 and repeated at 18:00.

In a very short time, the playlist will also include the music box channel Sky 717. Finally Duracel's new album "La Fabbrica do Mostri" (The Monster Factory) comes out! Get ready for a truly fantastic record, and we say that not only because we are convinced that Duracel is one of the best Italian punk rock bands of all time, but also because "La Fabbrica mostri" will objectively leave a trail and literally take your breath away!

With great joy and pride we announce the entry into our big family of two new bands! For those who love hard-core, the one who is with heart, passion and technique, light years away from the m***a that some come by today for Hc, we have the new album of NETTEZZA UMANA on offer, a group that has been on stage for more than 10 years.

For those who are looking for a melodic volume, but are angry, precise, but instinctive, new and able to surprise at first hearing, come here rivels! Skirt'n' Roll!!! With great pride and satisfaction we announce two important dates organized by us, namely Reggae, which is new enough for our sphere, but which we believe in very much and with which we hope to be able to work on several occasions in the near future!

We also remind you that on www.heartwork. it you can find all current dates of our bands and more! Don't miss it, it will surely be your punk soundtrack for the summer between alcohol and pleasure! We are proud to announce that on April 3rd we will be official supporter of Big International bands during their Italian dates.

The inevitable come directly from Austria, a group that will leave its mark, yes the SOLCO in your reader!

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