The best Punk Album ever

Best Punk Album Ever

Pistols - Anarchy in Great Britain.... Famous album cover | Visualizza altre idee su Music, album cover and vinyl records.

Best punk album in the world. " My Right" and "Cool Kids," the first screaming weasel song I've ever heard. In the first places I thought that I would rightly place some albums of Beatles.

The 30 most beautiful punk songs of all time, find out which are

The Openculture website rediscovered in 1981 a ranking of the important music journal Sounds, which, according to the magazine's readers, contains the 100 best punk tracks. In the top 10 of the ranking there are very well-known groups like Sex Pistols, Damn, No Governmant, Clash, Dead Kennedys. You can listen to the 100 punk songs on Spotify.

It was one of the first paper releases that served as a sounding board for the punk movement, with insights into up-and-coming bands of the time such as Buzzcocks and Joy Division. Punk was then the youth subculture par excellence and tens of thousands of groups were born in the wake of this anger and desire to undermine the rules.

Most of these groups no longer exist, they have gone astray, they have separated. Since there are no large groups in the Sound Ranking, the editorial team of Hello! She has created a new one, updated it and also added tracks from the time after 1981. We recorded the milestones of punk: flash, sex pistols and even the ramones that were omitted by the readers ofounds.

Here is the list of the 30 songs that have gone down in the history of punk. Here is our ranking of 30 punk songs, strictly in alphabetical order, and remember that you can correct it angrily with your decisions. We would like to leave you with the words of Joe Strummer, a wonderful artist who has embodied the most refined and sublime spirit of punk thinking.

I' ve met people whose lifestyles have been changed by punk. And it' s the same story for all of them: we have changed their way of thinking and influenced the choices they made in life.

Solca still sails the damnedest punk ship.

We' ll start with your return to the scenes with "Evil Spirits", 10 years after your previous album " So, Who' s Paranoid? We are lucky to still be able to travel the world even though we are a "vintage" group born 40 years ago.... But somehow we lost the habit of making records... and maybe we would have stopped completely if we hadn't talked to Buzzcocks one day, behind the scenes of a punk festivals.

They told us how the fans of Pledge allowed you to record a high-level album in an old-fashioned (and expensive) recording studios, and in the end we did. It was recorded in the old-school style, all together in one room, on top of each other, with the amplifiers at full loudness, so there was a shabby garaged atmosphere, but as a Tony Visconti production there was a lot of attention to the voice.

You can feel all the rage in his voice in "Sonar Deceit", a song about the "secret" of this phenomenon. All the material from "Evil Spirits" was recently composed or something was hidden in a secret drawer waiting for the right time to come out?

There is even an extraordinary section of jospel where the whole group and Tony sing as if the Holy Spirit were leading us all. Speaking of "evil spirits": Who chose the title and what does it refer to? We wanted Visconti on board because the old T-Rex and Bowie glue singles sound so good...we also wanted this effect and Tony knows all the tricks of the trade so it was done in skirt n reel style without modern post-production improvements and tricks.

The atmosphere in the group was excellent...everyone did their best in the short time we had to perform the magic. Last year we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the production of "Damned Damned Damned Damned", which is considered the first punk album ever. It' s been a long time, but the punk generation of 77, us, the Sex Pistols, the Flash, etc.... only played the music we wanted to hear because it was very little really exciting back then.

Glamrock had filled everything with sequins and then it was gone - all we had was boring countryside, discos and prot. I was surrounded by junkies and criminals, then punk skirt appeared and saved myself. Every group needs a factor of chaos.....

and I' ve become the random, unpredictable madman of The Damned. Popular bands of that time were stadium prog players like Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Yes and Genesis, who sang fantastic songs about magicians, interrupted by boring guitarists and drum solos. If we weren't playing, we'd be in another group.....

The punk still has some vitality..... In the last years the Rebellion has been full of new young bands with a lot to say. Punk doesn't belong to bands like the Pistols, to us or to Green Days - it's more a way of life. Punk says turn off the TV and do something incredible instead.

My memories of many Italian concerts, apart from an enthusiastic audience, the promoters inviting you to dinner, great food, you often meet the cook, taste exceptional wines, and the bands are pampered in a very different way than what you normally experience in the UK.

Of course, in the craziest years, the damned got insanely drunk, which caused problems and were thrown into jail.... Sometimes we hand out sheets of paper and ask the public to write the set list, because the truth is that The Damned 2 bands are in one..... Gothic and punk. We' re happy too, so take some off the "Black Album" and "Machine Gun Ettiquette" because they are full of chords, so a training for the fingers.

I have seen some musicians who after a little success have behaved as if they were "rockers"..... Do you think punk is weaker today than it was when you invented it? The punk reacted to the circumstances of the time..... In 1976 the TV was boring and the bands played 20-minute drum solos in huge stadiums, but the money I made by cleaning the toilets for the Croydon Council bought me the guitar that changed my life.

Is punk 2018 weaker? What are The Damned's plans for the future? For much of her career, The Damned were tacit: "We don't get much support from television, the radio and other sources. Let us begin with your homecoming into the dance with " Evel Spirit " after 10 years from your former album " So, Who's Parlanoid?

What made us want to listen to new songs so long? We' re fortunate that it was possible even for a veteran tape to go touring the globe..... It' s a true delight to be able to play the classical stuff... that brings the latest line-up to live with lots of power.

Somehow we got out of the custom of making records...which might still be the case if one night we hadn't been talking to the Buzzcock's behind the scenes at a punk fest and they were telling us how the Pledge supporters are making it possible for us to make a high level album in an old-fashioned (i.e. expensive) recording studios - which we did.

Did you work as a teammate on the driving column, sir? Vintage school-style recording, all together in one room, on top of each other, with the amplifiers going up so there's a shabby garaged atmosphere, but as a Tony Visconti recording a great deal of focus was put on the singer.

He' been working with the best, digging Dave's throat. Each of the ballads tells the story of the so-called secret of cetaceans, which prostrate themselves on sandy shores all over the canyon. The rage is heard in his own vocal on "Sonar Deceit", a tune about the "secret" of a whale or dolphin plunging on a beach.

Has all the footage in "Evil Spirits" been recently written or have you hid any of it in a clandestine pigeonhole awaiting the right moment to reappear? It took it to places I hadn't thought of...there's even a fancy whole section of jospel where the whole group and Tony whine as if the Holy Spirit was inspiring us.

However, other tunes are more up-to-date.... and speak about topical themes. Speaking of "evil spirits": Who chose the name and to what does it allude? Well Dave likes an arcane white wine with vermouth.... which is what gave the track its inspiration - which also works for war-loving motherfuckers like Bush & Blair.... but unfortunately, since he got those two big clashes out of the way, they just kept returning.

Might it be the bad ghosts? Visconti was brought on because the old T Rex and Bowie glue drum single sounds so great...we wanted some of it, and Tony knows all the moves - that's how it was done in skirt n' roll fashion, with contemporary additions to the gym and moves that were almost totally avoidable.

There was a great atmosphere in the group... everyone gave their best in the little amount of times we had to make it really something really unique. Pitiful Monty would have his nostrils in a big, bold philosophical novel in one moment, then he is consulted to perform a frantic instrument altogether. Meetings where the watch ticked ruthlessly (we only had 10 days) became a little messy - but everyone was able to finish in an insane last run.

What are your three most popular bad characters/villins in literary and/or cinematic life? Because we have a little tune about him, and there's a little Mr. Hyde in all of us. It was last year that we commemorated the fortieth birthday of the publication of "Damned Damned Damned Damned", which is regarded as the first punk album ever.

What do you think of this "responsibility"? It' s been a long while... but the รข77 punk gen.... Damn, pistols, clash, etc. just made the kind of stuff we wanted to listen to because there was very little fuss at the moment. And Glam Rocks had grabbed the straws and is gone - all we had remaining was dull land, discos & rig.

For me as a youngster with little training to brag about, at best I had a lifetime full of villains before me. Things could have gone from poor to inferior. In a Brighton booth encircled by junkie and nun do wells, punk came up and rescued me.

and I became the accidental, unforeseeable crackpot of the damned. Beloved groups of that period were stage performers like ELP, Yes and Genesis.... and sing lyrics about phantasy and magicians, interrupted by dull guitars and drums. Something you miss about these revolutionaries?

I' m sick and tired of anti-punk drinkers trying to keep fighting us all the while. When we weren't going to play ourselves, I'd be looking at another group... they were shows every evening of the year. It'?s a big shock that I still have my ear! A lot of your youngest supporters weren't even born then... but your iconic name is still very much in demand.

At the Rebellion Fest last year, there were many new young groups with a lot to say. But punk doesn't belongs to a band like the Pistols, Damned or Green Day - it's more a way of being. The punk says turn off the TV and do something astonishing.

There is too little food to be wasted and there is a big old earth with many troubles to save! Your Europe touring will end on May 20 at Circolo Magnolia in Segrate (MI) and your Italien supporters can't await to see your show. How do you recall your last gigs in our state?

There are a lots of shows in the UK and America...where you usually have an hours after the sound check to find something to dine near the event location. or in my case, nothing, because I don't consume me. I remember many concerts in Italy.... apart from the excited audience, they are celebrities who invite you to dine, good meals, often meet the cook, taste nice wine and take care of the group in a different way than we normally do in the UK.

Naturally the damned would be insanely hammered in the insane years, cause anger and get imprisoned... where does 'Smash It Up' come from? Of course we can still misbehave, but nowadays we still choose to start with something beautiful! that you' re wearing your old -fashioned little pink cap, aren't you?

Trouble was that the warm set was baking the drop in your head and it was almost not possible to get rid of the knots afterwards... so I was wearing a basque cap... and a pair of glasses to prevent it from getting in my eye. We' ve recently played three... they all have a garages mind taste and were loved.

We sometimes distribute papers and ask the crowd to compose the set list because the reality is that the damned are 2 groups in one... God and punk. We' ve got to try to please both groups of supporters. We' re also happy to add some of the "Black Album" and "Machine Gun Etiquette" as they are full of accords, so a training for the finger.

Which is the most important thing you've learned about the musical industry in more than 40 years of your professional life? I have seen how some musician after a small triumph started to behave as if they were "rock gods"... which is complete madness. It'?s nothing big, anyone can do it with a little practise.

You think punk's fainter these days than when you kind of made it up? In Britain, for example, community was organized by classes, and someone from a destitute home had little opportunity to lead an interesting imaginative lifestyle.

Seventy-six was dull on TV and groups played 20-minute drums in giant arenas, but the cash I made clearing restrooms for Croydon Council got me the guitars that transformed my lifestyle. Punk 2018 weak? The Damned What Are The Damned Plan For The Futures? Doing the album was a good thing... now we know how to do albums again, it would be crazy not to do anything else.

Please before you say good-bye, please send a note to your Italians..... Most of their careers the damned are "under the radar", we don't get much help from TV, the radio and other medias.

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