The best of Punk

Best of Punk

Best punk album in the world... ever! We are now in the last chapter of the playlist with the internet radio station Best of the Best of the Best of Atlantis.

Some of the best electro-punk artists. Best of electro-punk. Some of the best electro-punk artists.

Best of the Ramones

Best of The Ramones is the remastered version of the album Best of the Chrysalis Years, but with different tracks. The Best of The Ramones, su MusicBrainz, MetaBrainz Foundation. AlbumRamones - Laeave - Home - Rocket to Russia - Road to Ruin - End of the Century - Pleasant Dreams - Jungle souterraine - Too tree to the - Anima Boy - half-way to sanity - Brain Drain - Mondo Bizarro - Acid Mangers - Adios Amigos ¡ !

Testi Album: Punk Rock will never die: The Best of the Punk Rock Monads

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Almost two months have passed since the beginning of 2004, and at the same time as the new record releases I would like to hold a retrospective in which I analyse some compilations. I start with a very Italian CD "Vermi pe Eska", the first production for Eska Record (label that later produced the works of SFC, Ranks and Maccabi); all the available space was used: twenty-eight bands that were exposed to a difficult selection by the label that, in his opinion, chose the groups that best fit the needs of this collection... Shandon stands out among the names (with an unreleased one!).

The porn magazines and the stylites, flanked by groups that are just as newsworthy, including Payday, the atomic ants with a piece from Desperately Wanted Monica, the Boldoz Dogs, the Marsh Mallows and the Roots radicals. I continue in Italy with two compilations produced by the Genoese Wynona albums; the first is a collection that many know by now, now in their second book (read the review).

We' re talking about the first edition of Pop Punk Love You, covering - as always, for most of Wynona's works - great impact and great graphics (congratulations to Simone![Stinking Polecats n.d.r.]). and the second band (Pop Punk Love you too) is no less! The CD Too Loud 4 You is not a real collection, but a split CD with four groups that represent the avant-garde of musicality that was introduced to the Italian scene in 2003.

Three unreleased songs for each band: We find the American Halfwayhome, our own Vanilla Sky and Forty Winks and finally Andthewinneris (one name a program!) from Germany... all with three unreleased songs each for Vanilla Sky also a revised covers (A thousand Miles). When we listen to these three CDs, we already have a majority of the tracks, obviously the result is very relative because two CDs are released on the same record company, but the dominant feature is that of PopPunk/hardcore (Moolto) melodic, because in Worms for Eska we also meet Ska and PunkRock old-fashioned, but there is the same way that feeds the heart of Wynona's compilations.

For those who want to feed a little on history or take a step back and discover the "ancestors" of today's punk heroes, I warmly recommend The very best of Punk and Disorderly... the title may seem careless at first glance, but it's not.... This collection of two CDs and a total of forty tracks (+ one track of video) is a collection of the best tracks from other collections... "Punk and Disorderly" for those who don't know, is a HISTORICAL collection that has in itself included pieces by historical groups from the early 80s.

The first collection produced by Abstract Records in 1981 owes its praise to compiler Theo Chalmers, who joined bands such as The Adicts, GBH, Dead Kennedys, The Partisan and many others, and even managed to be included in the list of best-selling independent records this year. In the first composition, given the success, followed by two more (no less!); Punk & Disorderly vol.

The Adits, Dead Kennedys, Chaos UK, GBH, One Way System, Violators, Disorder, Disorder, Uk Subs, Angelic Upstairs, Urban Dogs, The Enemy... non è abbastanza ?!??

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