The best Folk Songs

Best folk songs

The folk songs of Emilia-Romagna have influences from all over northern Italy. Ivan Rebroff - The Best of Russian Folk Songs I (Evening Bells, Dark Eyes e molto altro). Hear and enjoy the best Kashmiri folk songs anywhere, anytime. The Sean O'Loughlin Easy Folk Song Favorites Trumpet. About fifteen of the most famous folk songs from all over the world.

BILL: BEST BY BILL FRISELL, VOL. 1: FOLK SONGS / Reviews / Musica / Home

Since the early 80's, the Baltimore-born American guitarist and composer Bill Frisell has been moving in a large circular area, where his instrument unclearly speaks the language of jazz, folk, country, Blues and skirt. With this collection, Nonesuch opens a series of Best of, each focusing on a specific area of his incredible catalogue, which includes compositions of classical music, ballads, film music, contemporary, experimental progressives, and much more.

In the brochure Elvis Costello he writes among other things: "Today we all live in a time in which the stereotypical boundaries between jazz and folk are no longer valid...". The fifteen precious pearls of the CD from his works on the theme (Ghost Town, Gone Just Like a Train, The Willies, Nashville, Good Dog Happy Man, Is That You?, Have a Little Faith and Blues Dream) focus on his very personal interpretation of countryside, Bluegrass, Blues and American Folk.

The 7' arrangement of Carter Family Standards (Wildwood Flower) and Danny Barnes' bankoute (Sugar Baby) is reminiscent of Pentangle's music. Otttime le covert del traditionel Sittin' on Top of the World e l'adorabile Have a Little Faith di John Hiatt.

AnRC Musica - Paul Espinoza / Margie Butler - 20 Best Folk Songs of America

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