Techno Music Production

technno music production

Become a PRO producer with a revolutionary method. ESPECIALLY: STRUCTURE OF A TECHNO TRACK. In the evening, when the new mixer will be used, Alex Mine will present his techno in a hybrid DJ set between DJ set and live. The Hardcore Invasion Bundle is a complete collection of sounds and loops for the production of hard techno/hard dance music. Deep Melodic House & Techno specialist.

Everything you need to know to become a techno-maker.

If you are an aspiring techno producing artist and your dream is to produce techno, you've come to the right place: You can expect valuable tips for a career in the world of electronic music. Travel around the world, get to know different cultures, dance the floors of the most prestigious clubs, set up a personal recording studios, climb the charts, earn a fraction of the money... which producers wouldn't want it all?

Making your passion for music a fundamental part of your life will give you a lot of pleasure. Many producers, when they try to create the first productions, realize that it is not as easy as they thought: it is not enough to press two random notes and rely on a bow to create the hits of the century.

Often, without a good musical basis and with bad taste, records are made that are accidentally listened to or bought by a few DJs (maybe friends) and that end up in a market with records without a "soul". That'?s why it's important to listen to everything. It is important to focus not only on each electronic record, but also on multiple genres.

Since it is important in techno to create loops with grooves that make you want to dance, it is important to listen to genres like Funk, Spirit, Jazz, Blue and especially Discos. Once you have purchased a truffle ear, you must master the programs and software that allow you to carefully select the sounds and create your personality.

Once you have found your sounds and composed your first records, the fateful moment comes to reveal yourself to the world. It is very important to choose the labels carefully where you want to go, because it is often they that make the difference in your career.

If you think your product is at the highest level, it will be the right time for the label you've always dreamed of to listen to your record and appreciate your creativity. It is important that you also understand where the music will end up: since you are a constantly changing environment, you must study and observe it to understand what sounds it acquires to create a different and "fresh" song.

Breaking through this environment is by no means easy, but if you love music so much and believe in yourself, you can make your dream come true. I was inspired by a quote from Dario Piana in an interview on the floor: "Production is a complex thing.

Finding ideas, adapting them, combining sounds, knowing how to play productions with the local jackdaw and understanding what to do to make them known to the world takes many hours of training and endless hours that have passed to practice, experiment, go through disappointments, experience moments of euphoria, but continue with the music in your heart however it goes.

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