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Under the mood for electronic music and dance? Radio stations are getting techno music from all over the world. You can download Techno Music online. Download free vectors from the Techno Music Poster Model Flyer. Create and mix your own techno music themes.

Dad Datarex

Born in 1970 in Trento, he immediately understood his passion for electronic music. Since the early 80's he has dedicated himself to the genre of dancing music, but throughout his life he has changed his musical taste according to fashion, from garages to techno-detroits.

In 1995, he started playing in various clubs in the north-east of Italy and later in nearby Slovenia, offering clubhouse music and techno music under the pseudonym dj DAVE, where he played with dj Umek, Valentino Kanzyany, Stefano Noferini, dj Sputnik, the latter DJ based on the island of Ambasada Gavioli (Slo).

From 2005 to 2007 he owned the Downtown Records store in his hometown. At this moment he encompasses the techno and techno genre in the various clubs and clubs where he plays. In his future projects the production of a record and several evenings at different locations is planned, since 2016 on Friday evening Radio Punto Zero is broadcasting streamed!

The musician, whose birth took place in Trieste in 1970, immediately understands his love for music. From the early 80's, the dancing category has been a part of the scene, but throughout his lifetime his taste in music changes according to fashions, from garages to techno music. He started spinning albums in various nightclubs in northeastern Italy and later in neighbouring Slovenia in 1995 and proposed in the clubhouse and in techno music under the name DJ DAVE, among others with DJ Umek, Valentino Kanzyany, Stefano Noferini, DJ Sputnik, Ambasada Gavioli residence DJ in Izola (Slovenia).

Between 2005 and 2007 he owned the Downtown Records shop in his city. During this period, the techno and techno scene includes techno in venues and venues. One of his upcoming productions will be the creation of a disk and several nights at different locations, from 2016 on Friday evening will be broadcast on Radio Punto Zero Stratéaming !!

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