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Funk remains the best-selling genre of electronic music. Explore the most popular artists with techno tags and find new music. Of Survival Deep / DJ / Electronica / House / House / House / TechTechno. #┬Âtechno #dyno #dinomaggiorana #beatport #mobian #dj #chart #technomusic #hype #climb #track. Son Du Placard has a great passion for techno music and his experience began at a young age with playing the first synthesizer at home.

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Parlaci of the backdrop with the music. Question: What influences do you have on electronic music? Question: What equipment did you cut yourself to make electronic music? Question: What about the softwares. And please also add the plug-ins that you get for the most part. I was a Cubase and logical user for a long time until someone showed me Ableton Live in 2005. I had never used a plug-in (all the hardware) before, and I was impressed with the capability and greatly improved sound made in the box.

For me, his only way is intuitive, simple (but not too easy) and just grabs me so well. I still use a lot of live effects, but obviously had many levels to try out most of the major brands of plug-ins. For sound editing I often use plug-ins like: Melda effects from production (especially for their incredible dynamic EQ), Valhalla DSP, ToneBooster (TB ReelBus, TB Barricade, etc.), u-he (Satin), T-Racks (EQ and compressors), damage to music.

What we can expect in the course and the management accompanies you in the mediation of your production techniques. During this course I felt that I was looking beyond my own nose. The art of the Techno Miro course is a must! I' re basically working on a techno track and just walking with the flow.

My method is more than "having fun, playing and seeing what happens, with which I try to motivate the most insecure beginners who can think too much. Questions: Who is the course aimed at? His face for all who are interested in the production of electronic music, for beginners and people who often have the technical know-how but ultimately do not have the intuitive spontaneous workflow.

Even everyone can click with my way of seeing what I'm doing. Since I am interested in so many different genres and types of electronic music, I have different phases on this point. Question: Are there any artists you are listening to that you would like to recommend?

I love minimalist Groovy Houses or tech houses productions by artists like Mike Shannon, Duky, Tom Ellis or Matt Keyl. Or some harder techno from artists like Tronca, Magnus, Heiko Laux or Tadeo. Discover Miros Art of Techno course videos here: Miro Sito personalale di Miro:

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