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The Neapolitan painters and sculptors who were present in Paris in the second half of the 19th century were more numerous physically or through the works sent to the salons and world expositions than those from anywhere else in Italy. The exhibition traces the evolution of Neapolitan painting in the light of this phenomenon, which concerned the most popular genres of the period, the landscape, the marinas, the city view and above all the so-called "painting of modern life", of which the Impressionists and Giuseppe De Nittis were the main interpreters.

With some thirty works, one of which has never before been exhibited, De Nittis is the emblematic figure of the exhibition. Puglia, but Neapolitan by vocation and culture, he welcomed Neapolitan artists to his famous Paris salon - whose regular guests included Edgar Degas, Edmond de Goncourt, Charles Fran├žois Daubigny and various socialists - who came to the city.

An entire part of the exhibition is dedicated to the sculptor Vincenzo Gemito10 05609 White Brand K Cheswick S 106 metres tall man Swiss Basso New Court Usa Grey wxq0qU6zX, of which numerous portraits and, thanks to an exceptional loan from the National Museum of Bargello, the great "fisherman" who was presented at the 1878 World Exhibition.

The other protagonists of this exhibition are Giuseppe Palizzi, Domenico Morelli, Gioacchino Toma, Francesco Netti, Francesco Paolo Michetti, Federico Rossano, Edoardo Tofano, Giacomo Di Chirico and Alceste Campriani, whose works tell us how the "Painting of Modern Life" was created between the slopes of Vesuvius and the banks of the Seine.

The Kids Want Techno' with Manuel DI Martino at the Loft Club Asti, North (2015)

After hosting a legend of electronic world music on January 17th, the young Italian artist Manuel Di Martino arrives at the Loft Club, one of the most interesting techno scenes in Italy! The last few years have become particularly interesting for the young DJ from Campania, who, thanks to high-quality productions, strong DJ sets, but always with a view to the dance floor and the various connotations of techno, has earned a great respect for the environment of clubs.

Bury and Krishi will welcome Manuel, a real guarantee when the evening promises to get hot, but above all there will be the debut behind the deck of Andrea Calandra's Loft Club. KIDS WANT TECHNO!!!!!!

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