Suonare con la Bocca

The Suonare con la Bocca

Kalandadze Vahtang is the Russian master of beatboxing and said to the microphones of Zoomin. First, we'll try shaking our lips: - Just breathe (inhale) with your mouth and try to pronounce an O. - ...

Bagnarsi le labbra con la lingua. In fact, playing an instrument alone is quite different from playing with other musicians.

Make the first sound with the trumpet.

First, we'll try shaking our lips: - Continuously try to âTUâââ as if you wanted to liberate your language from something you do not want to take. Breathe with mouth and diaphragm (like when you fall asleep or relax): As you breathe, simultaneously move your belly out and air to whisper an O almost without voice (a good exercise is to lie on the bed and put books on your belly and try to lift them as you breathe).

Then, when we have inhaled and are full of air, we always hold our stomach outwards, blow and swing our lips (see point 4). Moisten the lips with the tongue so that they adhere well to the trumpet mouthpiece. Try to make a light smile with your mouth closed and stay in this position without moving your lips (above all, they should not be passed on as if they wanted to kiss the trumpet mouthpiece).

Pull the sides of the mouth tight (closed) and leave only the central part of the lips slightly open, forming a small hole, as if you had a straw in your mouth (as an exercise you could hold a straw between the lips and try to blow it in, taking care not to let the air out of the sides of the mouth).

Place the mouthpiece inserted into the trombone on the lips, possibly in the middle part of the mouth (under the nose) if you have even teeth, otherwise if there are no perfectly straight teeth, find the most comfortable position without moving too far from the middle part of the mouth. I suggest you try the first exercises in front of the mirror.

Try blowing into the small hole created by the mouth. Try to vibrate only the part of the lips that forms the hole and that is in contact with the mouthpiece, without lowering the pistons of the horn. Attention: Stay calm with your mouth and the rest of your lips and do not press the trumpet over your mouth at all, there should only be a slight pressure.

Vibrate only the middle part of the lips by blowing continuously without letting air out of the sides of the mouth and without swelling the cheeks. Try to count (mentally) up to 4 while blowing and making your lips vibrate (the sound that may be produced could be a G or a C).

Now that we have learned to make a sound (whatever it is), we improve its attack with more (in addition to the previously learned procedures) of language. It should be easy, because you will have to try to pronounce YOU as if you are trying to rid the language of something you do not want to record. Then place the tongue lightly into the lip hole (see point 3), simulate what was previously described as YOU, and immediately pull the tongue out by allowing the air to pass continuously while vibrating the lips to create the sound in the trumpet.

Repeat this exercise several times and mentally count up to four while radiating the sound.

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