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Survey winner Dizzy Gillespie & Stuff Smith ( + Bonustracks).

Gillespie Dizzy Attack & Stuff Smith - Gillespie-Smith

Compared to the formal rigour demanded by Benny Golson, Dizzy seems to take himself less seriously and have more fun. Far from routines, this is a sunny collaboration with Smith full of tones and colours; Rio Pakistan and Purple Sounds, written by the trumpeter, justify the whole record on their own, an ideal mix of vintage pop and exotic that Gillespie himself introduced after the war.

In component to the digit drawn-out happening of the model Verve , this content adds large integer precise uncommon of Dee Gee: digit from 1951 with Smith and digit from 1952 with Kelly . Gillespie (tr.), Stuff Smith (viol.), Wynton Kelly (p.), Paul West (cb.), J.C. Heard (batt.).

Smith & Joe Stuff Venuti Tribute

The members of the famous Chicago Stompers, Mauro L. Porro and Martino Pellegrini, form a duet known for a series of projects to restore the sounds of 20s and 50s Jazz. Porro, a multi-instrumentalist, is one of the most brilliant talents of traditional European Jazz and works as a soloist, band leader and arranger (he collaborates, for example, with the orchestra of Vince Giordano).

A talented violinist, Pellegrini has performed many times with famous jazz musicians (from Lino Patruno to Stochelo Rosenberg) and popular musicians (Enrico Ruggeri). His heart beats for the music of Joe Venuti and Stuff Smith, two great violinists of the swing era to whom the project proposed by the duet in Ascona is dedicated, flanked by Yuri Biscaro on guitar or alternatively Marco Rottoli on bass.

Gillespie Dizzy & Stuff Smith ( + Bonus Tracks) - Gillespie Dizzy, Smith Stuff - CD

This CD presents the complete album "Dizzy Gillespie & Stuff Smith" (Verve MGV-8214), which was the second of two unique collaborations between the trumpeter and the violinist. Gillespie and Smith will be joined on this occasion by a rhythm section consisting of pianist Wynton Kelly, bassist Paul West and drummer J. C. Heard.

Gillespie and Smisth's first meeting in 1951 was also added in full as a specialty. As an added bonus, in 1952 another session of Gillespie with Bill Graham on saxophone, Wynton Kelly on pianoforte, Bernie Griggs on double bass and Al Jones on drums was added.

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