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which has several concerts and offers a very captivating speed punk. We still love this Ural custom motorcycle from K-Speed. Typically Motörhead are classified as heavy metal, and their fusion of punk rock into the genre helped invent speed metal and thrash metal. From punk rock into the genre helped explore speed metal and thrash metal. and exciting project that includes a mix of hard rock, glam metal and punk music!

Meethedrine: in suscita il primo Ep 'Built For Speed'.

Kornalcielo Records will release the first Methedrine-Ep titled "Built For Speed" on April 16th, 2018: four tracks, the punk d-beat, a heavy hard-core attitude and powerful riffs of Thrash Matrix, amphetamine rhythmic section with Lou's angry voice accompanying you in his dirty stories of ordinary madness, recording every note as if it were the last in the universe.

The METHEDRINE project, named in honour of the favourite substance of Lemmy and Johnny Cash, takes shape in winter 2017 by the will of Bone (drums), Lou (vocals) and Mark (guitar) after the final dissolution of UPSET NOISE; since 1982 active volume that was part of the first Italian harcore punk scene with bands like Negazione, Raw Power, Wretched, CM, Indegesti, etc.

and the pioneers of hc metallic cross-over at the turn of the 80's/90's, who left behind a handful of historical records like "Neurotic Despair", "Nothing More To Be Said" and "Growing pain" (the cover of which was played by the German Jingo de Lunch in a beautiful version), sharing the stages of half of Europe with bands like D.R.I., Cro Mags, HolyTerror, G.B.H.,

Forensics, social turmoil, Jingo de Lunch. After a short and intense meeting, to which Mark (who also plays with Bone in the historic EU's Artist Hardcore Punk Band) joined, he finally split up in autumn 2016; so the three survivors Trampax (guitar) and Chainsaw (bass) contacted the heavycore bands Face Your Enemy and Daltonic Outcry for a new project.


"Speed Kills" is raw hard heavy metal, fast and ignorant, with transversal influences from speed/thrash to punk/hardcore, going through the loudest and most sincere rock'n'roll. "Speed Kills" is a rude but generous concrete casting according to theory, analysis and composition instructions. "Speed Kills" is originality in the form of high decibels, it's the visceral sound, it's the drunkenness of a racket, it's the devastation that's unleashed, it's evil creatures, ancient giant mythologies and deep fears that infest even the clearest and most rational minds,

One third metallic, one third punk, one third skirt.

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