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Punk Rock Bands from Spain

You sing in Spanish (but in one that is in Catalan) and have intelligent texts. A video about the Spanish Civil War, with the soundtrack "Spanish Bombs" by "The Clash". The Talco is an Italian ska punk band and alternative band from Marghera, Venice. Well, not as good as most Spanish RAC bands. And I love punk music like Sex Pistols.

agiunte 34 Bands

The Groezrock Line Up takes shape more and more. The Belgian celebration will return to Meerhout on 27 and 28 April after a year's break, and after the announcement of Jawbreaker and Dropkick Murphys as well as Millencolin, Good Riddance, Samiam, Coheed and Cambria, Teenage Bottlerocket, Bowling For Soup, Come Back Kid, Dog Éat Dog and many others, the line-up will be extended by 34 groups:

as for punk rock, here is Get Dead, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, PKEW PKEW PKEW, Spanish Love Songs, The Penske File and Beach Slang, while HC will be represented by Deez Nuts and King Nine. Below the leaflet is updated with all bands. Unfortunately the Mest had to cancel the European trip with a stopover in Meerhout.

On the main stage on Saturday there are still 10 bands and a peculiar guest: Stay tuned. For all information about line ups, locations and tickets: What is your response? Stay up to date with all the latest information directly in your mailbox!

The K7s (Pop Punk Bands)

The K7s (Pop Punk Bands). K7s is a pop-punk group from Spain. Their sound can be defined by punk, powerful hop and garages rock elements. Mix The Ramones, a little MTX and a lot Green Day, The Queers, The Mouffs to get the musical coordinates of K7s.

An innate talent for writing three-minute songs with Chuck Taylor as the lighthouse at night.

skirt space | Everything about skirt punk ska metall music from Spanien and South America

The Reincidentes are a punk rock group founded in 1987 in Seville. The content of her songs deals with social issues such as abortion, abuse of women, communism, anti-capitalism, the Basque question and the Arab-Israeli conflict. The Reincidentes come from the Sevillian group " Incidentes Local ", which had a fleeting history in the city rock scene between 1985 and 1986.

The members of the group then took part in the fierce student protests that spread to Seville and Andalusia in 1987 and gave a big concert in the occupied university. In the meantime, they're changing the name to Reincidentes. In 1989, they recorded a song in the recording studios that took them to a rock competition where they were finalists.

Since then the Reincidentes have grown and developed their personality to become one of the most important social rock bands in Andalusia and Spain. Among the most popular songs are "Andalucía Entera", dedicated to the city of Marinaleda (rise to the news some time ago because of the proletarian expropriations led by the mayor), "La historia se repite", "Camelia-3" (criticism of the manipulation of the media with a harsh attack on the television chain Antena 3), "Vicio", "Hablando con mi cerebro", "Un pueblo" (which deals with the Basque conflict), "Ay Dol Dol Entera", which is dedicated to the city of Marinaleda (rise to the news some time ago because of the proletarian expropriations led by the mayor), "Ay Dol Dol repite" (criticism of the manipulation of the media with a harsh attack on the television chain Antena 3), "Ay Dol Dol Vicio", "Hablando con mi cerebro", "Un pueblo" (which deals with the Basque conflict), "Ay Dol Dol".

Their leftist ideology is clearly reflected in the songs, such as "Sáhara Adelante" (to support the Sarawi people), "Mexico Levantate" (to support the EZNL), "La Republicana" (to support the return to the Republic) or "Resistencia" (Cuban Revolution). On their latest album " America: cannciones deida y vuelta" they interpret songs of South American groups and artists with a Marxist mentality.

One of the peculiarities of Reincidentes is that they fully support piracy when downloading music and consider it very positive to be perceived by all groups outside the official circuit of the record industry in order to facilitate the realization of concerts, which is the best way for artists to earn.

Normally the Reincidentes often work together with other artists: Rosendo, Juanjo Pizarro, "El Drogas". Kutxi Romero (Marea), "El Flaco" (Out'n Outers), Robe Iniesta (Extremoduro), Evaristo (Polla Records e Gatillazo), Fermin Muguruza, Kortatu, Negu Gorriak. In 1993 one of the founding members of the group, Selu, left the group and replaced him on the guitar Finito de Badajoz, which drove the Reincidentes to a more aggressive soundtrack.

The Reincidentes had the merit of contributing to the formation of many important bands in the National Rock panorama: Disidencia, Debruces Punk, Por Instinto, Proyecto Jipi, Fé de Ratas, Germenes and others. In 2013 the Reincidentes went on a long tour through Spain, which ended last October.

Polla Records was an alternative punk rock group founded in 1979 in the Basque town of Salvatierra and remained in business until 2003. They start, like many groups, to play in bars and cellars. In fact, their first public appearance is in a local pub, and in 1983 they produced their first four-song record "Y AHORA QUE?" for the label labeled OSHUKA.

In 1991, a court banned the use of the name Polla Records for a dispute with a former sound engineer removed from the group, in response to which they recorded "BAJO PRESION", apparently retaining the original name and not giving a damn about the sentence. At the end of 1996, with the release of "CARNE PA'LA PICADORA", they removed the word records from the group's name and simply stayed LA POLLA.

Then they release the book "LA POLLA ENTURECTO" (literally "Fickarsch"). In 2002 the group is involved in a long series of concerts, but on September 22nd, during the touring, drummer Fernandito dies of cardiac arrest, all scheduled dates were cancelled. In 2003 her last work "EL ULTIMO (el) DE LA POLLA" was released, ending twenty-four years of an amazing career.

Evaristo Paramos also publishes the book "Por lo jijos lo que sea", in which he tells anecdotes and stories in the style of La Polla's texts. He participated in other musical projects, first with THE KAGAS and then with THE MEAS; finally, with two other former members of La Polla, he founded the group Lo S GATILLAZO (I GRILLETTI), his current group.

Polla Records did not like advertising or music videos, so there are only a few. Polla Records is one of those groups that started punking Spain after the Franquista in protest; and they are basically considered the fathers of "radical rock vasco" along with bands of the caliber KORTATU, ESKORBUTO and RIP.

The former guitarist of the Spanish punk group RIP, Jul Bolinaga 50 years old, played yesterday evening at 7.30 p.m. with the group The Potes, which was examined on the stage of Gaztetxe-Rock, a concert in the city of Bergara in the Basque Country. His brother Txerra Bolinaga, drummer of the group, was also on stage. Together with Jul he was the only survivor of RIP, as the punk quartet had already suffered the loss of bassist Eduardo Mancebo and singer Carlos Agirreurreta.

RIP were born in the early 80s, first under the name Doble Cero, and were the first Spanish punk band to be recognized as the most representative of "radical rock vasco".

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