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Read the full text Surf, Skate and Punk Rock by The Strikers from the Screaming Youth album. Her music had a meaning and stood for something. Powerful teen skate punk with bright guitar riffs. Offspring are one of the longest running and most legendary bands in punk. The brigade in the pool, and the setting "Skate Punk" make the video definitely outstanding.

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Abstract: The Offspring is an American punk pop group formed in 1984 in Garden Grove, California. They are often mentioned, along with Green Day, Blink-182 and Rancid, because they helped in the 90s to reinterpret the first punk sounds in a modern tone. They have sold more than 34 million records on eight albums, two compilations, three EPs and three DVDs, making them one of the most sold punk bands.

The group is one of the greatest representatives and heirs of the classic Californian melodic hardcore of the early 80s, despite their remarkable commercial success and sometimes light sounds. They were able to exert a great influence on several groups founded later, also thanks to Nitro, a record label owned by the singer Dexter Holland as well as the bassist Greg K.....

The first two albums of the group, the first under the label and the second under epitaph tell of political themes in a melodic tone that are not very successful. Since the Smash albums, which holds the sales records for an independent label, Epitaph, the group has given up these problems and managed to achieve strong commercial success with singles like Come Out and Play and Self Esteem.

Skateboard and music. Black flag

There are many starting points for dealing with such a sensitive issue as the mix of skate culture and pop music, so it was obvious to start from the beginning. Those who probably helped Jay Adams are on his own bad road.

Directly on the golden coast of California, the newborn punk-hard-core movement and the skate scene began to unite. Under the boy's lens all have passed away: from Tony Alva to Dead Kennedys, from Peralta to Misfits, from Jay Adams to Black Flag. They are the end of the seventies in Hermosa Beach California and here, as in the rest of the world, one finally begins to feel and save in the air this brutal vibration that would explode shortly thereafter in punk rock.

But down here we are not in England and the seed sown by Iggy and the Ramones before and after the sexual guns is collected and transformed into something new and radical; the isolation, depression, neurosis and para-noia left behind by the long wave of psychedelic revolution in this tongue of golden sand and ocean are associated with the anger and cement of the drainage channels drifted by the urethane of roller skates and breathe life into hardcore punk.

Ginn Greg, at first alone and then with the help of Henry Rollins, founds the forerunner of the genre, the Black flag. Starting from their name and logotype, reminiscent of the dark flags that have always been a symbol of anarchistic thinking, the dark flags are characterized by a compulsive and nihilistic punk, with texts with an anti-authoritarian and anti-conformist spirit.

The group is not only a symbol and a point of reference for the independent and subterranean scene of the late 1980s, but has also entered the Mount Olympus, which over the years has become a true phenomenon of worship. After all, the themes are well suited for a very respectable iconography of rocks alongside the music.

The beginnings are those that come with a bang, with the emblem of the ribbon scattered by canister-armed followers on the walls of the whole city, who on full moon nights descended from the coastal suburbs of Venice and Dogtown to the quiet residential areas, leaving the four black bars everywhere as if they were a claim to identity.

Despite public order problems, the group continued to record EPs (Nervous Breakdow, Six Pack) and did concerts during a show in Washington to find out what their historical front man would become. During an encore a supporter could jump on stage and sing a song with the group; his appearance was so good that the members of the group, long pushed by the big problem of finding a singer "in tune" (and not running away as soon as he heard the vocal chords frayed), suggested to him to stay stable.

That' s how Henry Rollins got into the White Flags, it was 1981.

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