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Punk Skate CD

Kinds: Skate Punk, Punk Rock. This is no easy task when playing punk rock. Wilhelm-Schrei: New CD comes out. Finally back to the band that called ALTERNATIVE PRESS the new heroes of the skate punk scene: Explore the artists who were most heard with Tag Skate Punk and find new music. The skate punk scene was not exclusively an American privilege.

ITEM 10: Skate Punk Classic

Now close your eyes and imagine you're in California in the 90' s or on a Vans Warped Tour date, today we're talking about skate punk! This is a ranking of the 10 best bands skate punk 90'! Not really a skate punk group, but I think it is worth mentioning them as one of the most important bands of the punk revival and for the large number of appearances at the Vans Warped Tour (six).

Another volume that isn't necessarily skate punk, but fundamental to punk resurrection (and thus skate punk). Albums like Smash and lxnay On The Hombre have made history in this genre. Maybe not everyone knows, but blink before they became a real pop-punk phenomenon, and when Scott Raynor was on drums, they played skate punk.

The first two albums of the San Diego three ( Cheshire Cat and Dude Ranch), but especially the EP "They Came to Conquer Your Anus" are absolute skatepunk. Songs like Carousel, M+M's and Dammit are a must for the "average listener" of skatepunk. Screeching Weasel are definitely one of the most interesting bands in the skateboarding punk scene of the 90s, not very famous to tell the truth, but still among the best of the genre.

Lagwagon also deserves to be mentioned in the ranking of the best skate-punk bands with albums like Hoss and Double Plaidinium. If it hadn't been for this group, there probably wouldn't have been any skate-punk or even the whole punk rival. In the 90s (1996) they released "Everything Suck", which in my opinion is one of the best albums of its kind. and Punk?

Punk song? Ska punk? It' s a question you probably will never have an answer to, but they certainly have made a great contribution to this subgenre of punk music. Albums like Punk In Drublic and So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes and especially songs like Linoleum, It Alone, Don't Call Me White, Monosyllabic Girl and Falling In Love are considered milestones of skate music.

The Swedes have already derived their name from a skate gimmick and are definitely one of the most successful skate punk bands in history, from their beginnings until today, record by record. With eight appearances on the Vans Warped tour, it can be said that it was the landmark of this 90s outing.

Second place is well-deserved, probably one of the few bands in the genre, 100%. NUFAN aren't, yeah, they weren't a skate-punk group, but they were the skate-punk group. Sly and his co-workers have made this genre their workhorse and are regarded as the pioneers of this genre, one masterpiece after another.

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