Sixties Folk Music

1960s folk music

These songs represent a decade of new musical ideas, free love and youth culture. A folk record with an average sound from the late 60s and not much more. Folk music free for the sound of your websites, multimedia documents, business premises. Traditionally, Italy was dominated by melodic ballads from its folk tradition. Basics gives a short introduction to British and American folk music.

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The first one who told me about this guitarist from Trieste, who grew up with bread and blue, was Guido Toffoletti, with whom Sponza recorded three records. Then we met personally from a mutual luthier friend in the Julian city and I had the opportunity to test his passion to appreciate the quality of his sound, combined with a great ability to involve valuable musicians in his projects.

The Kakanic Blue record was produced with the Mike Shonza & Central Europe Convention Ensemble and includes some of the leading representatives of the Central European Blues/Jazz scene, documenting their Austro-Balkan raids. He then worked with Bob Margolin, with whom he made a record, before reaching Mike Margolin & Orchestra, an ambitious and centered project with a record of DVDs recorded live with the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra: original pieces arranged by Mike for band, recorded in his Triest.

In 2016 it is time for a recording from Abbey Road Studios, with the participation of Dana Gillespie, unforgettable Maddalena in Jesus Christ Superstar. This is just to mention the most important aspects of the career of Mike Sponza, who over the years has crossed his six-string career with Georgie Fame, Pete Brown, Lucky Peterson, Louisiana Red.

Ten tracks for ten years that trace the milestones of these passionate and exciting years. It' s an LP dedicated to the 60s - says Mike Sponza - a very fascinating ten -year period for me in many ways and there is a lot to say about it.... it's also the time I was born and for some time I thought I'd make a record about that ten.

Dieseci cazoni. Ten stories inspired by events, facts, people, cultures, ideas that intertwine to look at the sixties from a double perspective: the glamorous and vibrant side on the one hand, the dark and problematic side on the other. Ten controversial years that have changed youth cultures forever, interspersed with different musical languages: from rock to latin, from Pop to Acoustics, from Soul to Rock'n'Roll.

Great album, with a rich and grainy sound in the right place, with the thread of malice you need and expect from a curious musician like Sponza, supported by a group of proven musicians and friends he has worked with for years. And they come from a suffocated region of talents and above all brave musicians.

Songs on the album: Le photo sono by Matteo Prodan.

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