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In Frank Sinatra's honor we travel back in time to the era of Swing, the era of Harry James and Tommy Dorsey. A photo exhibition by Frank Sinatra and Tommy Dorsey for "The Dorsey/Sinatra Sessions" Vol. traces the artistic and private life of one of my 20th century myths, Frank Sinatra. the trumpeter Harry James and the trumpeter Tommy Dorsey. This box set combines all studio recordings of the legendary Frank Sinatra with the orchestra of trombonist Tommy Dorsey.

It was recorded for the first time by the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra with Frank Sinatra.

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All the way " by "Il yolly รจ impazzito" "High Hopes" by "Un oomo da vendino" Nominated - Oscar for the best original song: "My Kind of Town" by "I quotro di Chicago" Love and Marriage of " Our Town" (1955).

Sinatra Frank - English translation - Italian examples

Frank Sinatra Jr. Sinatra Frank is ring your name. Like Frank sang Sinatra with the Pipers and Tommy Dorsey. The house was built in 1959 for Frank Sinatra. Sinatra and Hayworth Rita inamorati. I don't know, you sound like Frank Sinatra dressed like that... I can't understand you.

You look like Frank Sinatra or something. When they got Frank Sinatra, I knew they'd come closer. Once upon a time, when Frank Sinatra sat in that chair. Frank Sinatra achieved the best results. Sinatra Jr. You retired when Frank Sinatra retired.

If Frank Sinatra moves his arm, you can see my father. Sinatra kissed me on the lips. Refrigerated glass with high alcoholic cocktails, an explosion for all the senses, Frank Sinatra liked. Refrigerated glass with high alcoholic cocktails, an explosion for all the senses, Frank Sinatra liked.

Probably Frank Sinatra would not agree and Bon Jovi..... Sinatra has exactly the same couple. Sinatra for our first dance. I never would have brought Frank Sinatra home to us. In 1944 A.D. Bobbysoxer Tumult in the appearance of Frank Sinatra.

Franc Sinatra Biographia

I' m sorry. I' m sorry. I' m sorry. I' m sorry. As the son of a fireman of Sicilian origin, he is known for his voice, but also for his services as an actor. The celebrity arrives shortly after when he joins Tommy Dorsey's "Big Band". With Dorsey he records some historical songs like I'll Never Slemile Again'.

The nickname "The Voice" was born in these years and is the work of the young people who come to the concerts of the group. In 1941 he appeared with the whole group in the movie 'Notti di Las Vegas'. Two years later he also made his debut as an actor in Tim Whelan's "Ever Higher". In 1952, after bleeding from his vocal chords, his agency fired him: Sinatra asked Columbia Pictures to write him for the role of soldier Angelo Maggio in Fred Zinneman's "From Here to Eternity," and he was satisfied.

It moves the audience with a passionate interpretation that earns it an Oscar for the best supporting actor. At this point 'The Voice' renounces the role of the actor and singer of musicals (in the films of the '40s) in order to devote itself exclusively to dramatic acting. The progressive improvement of his state of health enables him to record and perform concerts with a very high level of public participation.

He received a third Oscar (the Hersholt Award) in 1971 as the character of the show, which was awarded for his humanitarian commitment. In 1992 the television station dedicated the mini-series "Sinatra" to him. He dies at Cedar Sinai Hospital in L.A., where he was hospitalized for a long time.

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