Roswell Rudd

Rozwell Rudd

Soprano Steve Lacy; trombone Roswell Rudd; double bass Henry Grimes; battery Dennis Charles. The Archie Shepp & Roswell Rudd Quartet.

Learn everything about Roswell Rudd, concerts, events, news and much more! What kind of music did you hear when you were a kid? Now it is time to meet again with one of the greatest trombonists in jazz history: Roswell Rudd.

Rudd Roswell Hopkins (Sharon, 17 November 1935 - Kerhonkson, 21 December 2017) was an American trombonist and composer. Born in Sharon, Connecticut, Roswell Rudd studied at Yale University, where he played with Eli's Chosen Six, a group of Yale students from Eli's Chosen Island with whom Rudd collaborated in the mid-1950s.

Some time later Rudd had taught ethnomusicology at Bard College (New York State and University of Maine).

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reading time 2' Only a few weeks after the death of drummer Sunday Murray, we leave another master of creative jazz: trombonist Roswell Rudd, who turned 82 last November. Rudd was first a musician who was involved with traditional Jazzformationen, then, from the beginning of the sixties, in the center of some of the most inventive adventures of that time:

alongside Cecil Taylor, Bill Dixon and Steve Lacy - with whom he founded the fantastic School Days quartet dedicated to the music of Thelonious Monk - Archie Shepp or Charlie Haden, with the New York Art quartet or the jazz composers' orchestra, The Rudd was an essential point of reference for the development of the language of his instrument, the trumpet, thanks to an approach of very sensitive historical and expressive depth, capable of freeing itself from the language of pop and of opening itself up to the most diverse proposals and practices, without ever losing its emotional pith.

An acute ethnomusicologist - he worked for a long time with Alan Lomax - and an exceptional rediscoverer of the repertoires of forgotten artists (one of whom was above all Herbie Nichols, with whom the then young Rudd had the opportunity to make a brief but intense friendship), Rudd has always remained active and has collaborated with European musicians from other regions and other styles, always with a strong human and expressive sign.

A long and happy partnership with Archie Shepp's tenor saxophone: Rudd is in Shepp's quintet, lives in San Francisco, struggles with a composition by his beloved Herbie Nichols and becomes the Billie Holiday classic Lady Singing's The Blues. Herbie Hancock's classic Rudd stands in front of a beautiful group with the singer Sheila Jordan, adventurous and entertaining at the same time.

Several times beside Italian musicians, here Rudd is with Enrico Rava on one of the most extraordinary albums of the trumpeter, the Quartett, with Jean-François Jenny-Clark and Aldo Romano. On a trip to Mali Rudd, the collaboration with the Cora specialist Toumani Diabaté came into being, as the beautiful Malicool record proves, on which worlds meet that were created many years ago from the same roots.

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