Rolling Stones Punk

The Rolling Stones Punk

Exactly half a century ago the Rolling Stones made their official debut at the Marque Club in London. Choose another poster from a wide range of related products:. Punk. <font color="#ffff00">

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In Dave Grohl's words, "The trick is the new punk rock".

Since Dave Grohl is back from a free afternoon in Memphis, he has made a visit to Graceland and thought that Elvis was also a boy with a guitar who tried to cope with "the effects of an explosive and premature popularity". He is currently touring the world with Foo Fighters: after 23 years with the group, he talks about their shows as if they were the beginning.

What do you think of the epilogue of some of the greats of classical skirt? I started to think about the concert on 12.12.12 where everything was in it: McCartney, the Stones, the Who, Roger Waters. It' s all very strange, I can't understand that after more than 20 years we are still together and that we fill the stadiums.

We have reached the point where I no longer see Foo Fighter's T-shirts in the audience, but people aged 60 or 70 and children, children. It' like people know there's a Rockshow in the city center, and it gets shortened. You said Lil Pump was the new punk skirt.

We are both fans of Lil Pump because his attitude towards us seems to be that of someone who played a record with germs in front of the purist father of music. As a boy I listened to punkrock, I wanted to make noises and rebellion, whether satanic dead metal or noises.

That doesn't mean I'll get a tattoo on my face soon (laughs), but Lil Pump is still a hot guy. There are nights when you think on stage about what you want on the table or what you should take with you to the laundry, but when you play a piece like that immediately, you go back with your head.

If you see me giggling in the middle of a song, it's because I try not to be overwhelmed by feelings and fall to the ground like an asshole. What if Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson asked you to play drums on a rush touring? I' d say, "I can't play with you, but thanks for the offer."

Peart is a musical animal, an overwhelming drummer. I know her arrangements, but I'd be like Meg White to Neil Peart. She plays drums, covers only two groups: White Stripes and AC/DC.

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