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The Wikipedia, the enciclopedia libera. Mm-hmm. The Rock Band is a music video developed by Harmonix Music Systems and released by MTV Games for PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, iPhone and iPod. Harmonix Music Systems started working on this project after MTV Games took over and left the previous Guitar Hero series Neversoft to Harmonix, which they further developed on behalf of Red Octane (now part of Activision).

However, this game picks up on the mechanics and extends the characteristics that try to simulate the performance not as a single guitar or a single bass, but a whole group. To achieve this, the game uses a guitar-shaped control that works similar to Guitar Hero (see SG Guitar Hero), but with 5 more keys at the bottom of the neck (to make the solos easier).

The drumming method is similar to that of guitar and bass (see "Mode" section below), while the development crew has decided to adopt the Singstar series for vocals. This game has the following features: As already written, it replicates the work of an entire volume, offers the opportunity to compete on-line and also allows downloading additional songs, the latter features are also included in the "rival" Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.

These two features are not present in the PlayStation 2 version of the game, while in the Wii version there will probably be the online content, but not the downloadable content (the main) (the company has stated that the main reason is that the consoles do not have a hard drive on which data can be stored). As a reaction to the delay problems that guitar character fans had presented against Harmonix in the past, several calibration methods were added to the game so that Harmonix could be displayed correctly on all TVs.

The multiplier can be doubled, which is nothing more than the equivalent of Guitar Hero's own starch power: Contrary to what happens in Guitar Hero, the starch will be individual and does not need to be activated by two or more players at the same time. As with Guitar Hero III: Legend of Rock, the modes are the same for the rock band:

This is the multiplayer: you can play from 2 to 4 players, each of them playing one of the following roles: guitarist, drummer, bassist and singer. The cooperative version will contain titles that are not available in the individual career. This mode will see players face a real career from aspiring to successful music.

After the first concerts, the bands can choose what they want to do with their first money: For example, they can buy a car to play in nearby cities (until they buy a private plane to reach all continents) or they can buy new accessories to customize their character. There is also an art editor in the game that you can use to create your group's logotype.

In-game gameplay will increase the things to manage: you will be dealing with managers, drivers, safety, special effects, etc. .... Playing the game in practice tends to simulate a "Real Rock Life Band" with all the positive and negative aspects of the experiences that today's aspiring bands make. The game version just described can only be played with four people on the same handset, the other quick start or other modes can be played with friends on-line as well as with a combination of several people on handsets with people on-line.

The PlayStation 2 version, which does not support online, only allows multiplayers with multiple players on the same panel. The other supported more-player modes are Duel and Head-to-head, and you won't even be able to master the same World Tour Band adventure as described above. You pack the songs into blocks of 4-5 songs, and when they are ready, unlock the groups from the next songs and make them available in Quick Start mode.

The execution of the tracks leads to a financial compensation, which is necessary to unlock all the bonuses from additional characters to new guitars (money can be moved from solo to bandmaster). Exercise - Here you can do two things: either learn to play by doing the tutorial, or deepen a particularly difficult song in practice mode by studying a particular passage or slowing down its speed.

The game supports all instruments of the entire series on every single stand and, with the exception of the Wii version, also those of the Guitar Hero World Tour. The game was marketed on 23 May 2008 in England, France and Germany as the exclusive time for Xbox 360 and then released for other consoles in the summer; initially the game was listed for European soil for March 2008, but was postponed by two months to create a version for PlayStation 2 and one for Nintendo Wii, initially not planned.

The poor management of the import of the game package in Europe - the all-embracing one is the only one that currently exists, later the individual instruments were also imported, but all "loosely" - made EA (the manager of the distribution of the game for the European soil) the unfortunate double decision to make the price a direct exchange dollar euros and to remove the game itself from the package, so that the cost of buying everything had increased so much that the game was distributed only in some states and Italy was not among them.

A few months later the game also appeared in Italy, but at an even higher price than in the rest of Europe. Only later was a price reduction of the instrument package announced, which brought the situation back to the level of the rest of Europe[1]. Subsequently, the release of the game was also announced on Japanese soil with the inclusion of some tracks specially developed for this market, but after the announcement of this version there was no further news.

The game' s track list consists of 58 basic songs and 11 more available exclusively for the European version. The songs can be exported to Rock Band 2 via a "key" that can be purchased now. To apologize for the delay with which the game was released on European soil, Harmonix has added 11 tracks to the European version of the game, some of which were sung in German or French.

The songs were made available for downloading in America. Case apart from the Wii version of the game: the latter will be released with further delays than the PlayStation 3 version, which was released six months after the Xbox 360 version, so that the version has been "expanded" by another 5 additional songs[2], and are the following:

The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the Rockband allow you to expand the game by downloading additional songs purchased individually or as a package from the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network services. Each song will be playable in any play mode both on-line and off-line, and all downloadable songs from American on-line services have been made available to the European market since the launch of the game.

Harmonix said it didn't publish the downloadable content on WiiWare because the desk didn't have a hard drive and enough space for it, but it decided to catch up on the launch of the second installment of the series. The Rock Band Series on-line shop is a single unified shop so that the downloadable content added to it can be downloaded with this chapter and its sequel without distinction.

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