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Electronical Rock (also known as Electronical Rock, Electronical Rock, Synth Rock, Digitally Rock) is a musical genre that combines rock with electronical music, whereby the broad use of electronical instruments, samples and keyboards is the predominant feature of the way some of the artists of the genre compose.

Similar characteristics can be found in Synthie Pops, with which he has the broad use of electronic sounds in common, but more catchy and framed, as well as in the industrial, more experimental and less commercial genre or synthesis point. Artists of this genre often use artificial sounds through the use of synthesizers, samplers and drums machines.

This genre can have many facets, because the musicians who belong to it come from different genres. Early experiments in electronic rock can be felt in the late sixties in the music of both progressive rock groups, such as Yes by Rick Wakeman and Emerson, Lake and Palmer by Keith Emerson, psychedelic rock like the United States of America[1], Jefferson Airplane[2] or the unrecognized Fifty Foot Pants in San Francisco[3] or even in jazzy rock/fusion groups (Bitches Brew by Miles Davis[4]).

The most representative German groups include Kraftwerk,[5][6] Tangierine Dream and Popol Vuh, which together with several others have made Germany the most recognised country of e-rock[7]. In the eighties (as the culmination of the genre) numerous groups grew, including Ultravox[9][10], Depeche Mode[11], New Order and Devo (sometimes these groups are also divided into Synthie-Pop or New Wave).

In the late 90s, the ministry merged elements of electronic and industry rock with heavy metals to create heavy metals, a genre that will attract a lot of attention especially in the following decade. In the 90s the genre was contaminated with other forms of musical expression, especially glue rock (The 69 Eyes) and gothic rock.

Paradise lost (initially a dom e-metal band), with their record hosts, experimented with these mixes like the ministry before them, with the difference that they used rock elements instead of metal. Groups like Nine Inch Nails are inspired by the Octant Rock synth of Depeche Mode, one of the leading representatives of Industrial Metals.

In addition to multi-track recording, in which individual sounds are recorded and combined into a single track, another technique derived from concrete music is to incorporate sounds from everyday life into compositions in addition to electronic instruments. Lilian Roxon, Rock Enzyklopädie, 1974, p. 200. All music guides to the electronica by Vladimir Bogdanov deposited in the Internet archive on 24 October 2014.

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