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BRITISH & VINTAGE ROCKBAND. Forte, modern and alternative. ( IT ) Modern Alternative Hard Space Rock ( ENG ) There's a rival hub in your pocket! The music symbols and terms are a list of concepts that a student would see. C' è e si sente, Radio Rock!

Rockband companion

There' a rival hub in your bag! Get one step ahead of the game with the Rock Band Companion application. Become a member or make a team! Embolden (or mock) your mates! Verify the placement of your team! Everything you need to keep you involved in this band-by-band, on-line fight without having to start up your console:

  • Encourage new gamers to join your team, or throw them out! Works with Rockband 4 on Xbox One or PlayStation®4. The best experience is with the extension of the rock group Rivals. With the official Rock Companion App you are one step ahead of the competition. Everything you need to stay connected to this epic on-line tape battle without having to launch your console:

Compatible with Rock Band 4 su Xbox One or PlayStation®4. Best experiences with the expansion of the Rock Band Rivals.

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<font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents This package includes Rock Volume 4 and Rival's Expansion: -Anline Game: Bring your party live with matching, public or privately held meetings and more! - Contenders mode: Join all your friends around the world in this multiplayer battle of statistics game. -Rockudrama: tells the story of your band's triumph over the adversities in this playful music documentary.

Listen and play with a variety of supported microphones or use compatible guitar and drum controllers for the entire rock band experience. If you do not wish to accept these terms, do not download this article. Further information can be found in the General Terms and Conditions. One-time download for multiple PS4 systems.

The terms of use of the sofware apply. 2007-2016 Harmonix Music Systems, Inc.

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