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Ladies t-shirt inspired by rock music. Rock'n'Roll Store New and used musical instruments in Verona and Mantua. Spiega Mike Upton, Fondant of the Kala Brand Music Company in California. And Carisma is an Italian pop/rock band of the CCM: Contemporary Christian Music. Check out the official music video for Hands Of Time's "Dollar" from the brand new album "TIME TO THINK (Part I)" which is available in every music store.

EZX Alt-Rock at a glance:

¡Siamo Lieti di Aliutarti! Toontrack' Alt-Rock EZX Library is an extension of Toontrack' EZ Drummer 2, with 2 new drums and many presets with the typical sounds of alternative rock groups of the 90s. One of the reasons for the excellent sound quality of this EZX is that it was sampled very carefully at the Electrical Studio in Chicago.

Steve Albini's influence on this sound library is audible as he is a specialist in this genre, for example through his experiences with Nirvana, Pixies and PJ Harvey. EZX Alt-Rock at a glance: Features:

Rock'n'Roll Shop Strumenti Musicali

Kala was founded in 2005 and produces more than 120 different models of ukuleles, including travel and bass models, both acoustic and electric. Incredibly manufactured instruments: carefully selected solid wood and technical solutions that give these instruments exceptional playability and a brilliant sound. Our MAY PROMOTION wants to concentrate on acoustic guitars!

Click on the foil to see all the guitars in promotion between the different brands in our catalogue, such as CRAFTER, TAKAMINE, TANGLEWOOD, GOLDWOOD, BREEDLOVE, EKO. The tradition, strongly focused on the continuous search for innovation and continuous improvement, makes this company one of the world's leading manufacturers of acoustic guitars, with features of construction accuracy that make Takamine instruments the favorites of the best international performers.

The 1931's are characterized by dry, soft, dark sounds, extremely traditional, but at the same time extremely modern and up-to-date, which can adapt perfectly to the most diverse musical styles. Visit our website to discover all the Schecter Guitars models and all the latest news! Elite serie, Omen Extreme, Banshee Extreme, Sun Valley are just some of the models available.

Not just a brand owned by Gold Music, but the physical and material implementation of a concept, a precise idea, perhaps not purely commercial, but in which the company recognises its mission: to develop musical instruments that give people the joy of playing, the only happiness of music.

The Retracer is a Blue Label series digital pedal that not only offers a wide range of features, but also comes with pre-installed software and multiple presets that allow musicians to create, store and organize their own unique presets. ReTracer also supports MIDI connectivity and can also be used in combination with external expression pedals.

Like other EBS pedals, the ReTracer Delay has a rugged enclosure, making it the perfect choice for all musicians. To produce musical instruments since 1947, with the dedication, care and passion of a whole family that, after more than 70 years since its foundation, continues to follow the same philosophy from the beginning and adapt it to the demands of the modern market.

This is Tokai: a Japanese company based in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, born from the idea of Mr. Adachi to make high quality instruments, then developed and expanded into what it is today, one of the most popular guitar builders in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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