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Music webzine, contains reviews, streaming, monographs, interviews, charts, live reports, videos, books, insights and radio podcasts. Our focus is on finding and developing new bands that show the world that rock really isn't dead yet! Fiumani Federico, the independent spirit of Italian rock. This trio's music goes back to a simpler form of roots rock. Go get your Peawees T-shirt at Striped Music!

Miniature rock music - Persu

Another great passion of mine, which is represented in miniature format: Rock music, in fact I played the harmonica in some rock and blue band in the mid 80s. When I discovered the plastic skeletons of the citadel miniatures that were to be assembled in the early 1990s, after I had created "The Fortress of Darkness" on another page of the "Gallery of Old Models", I thought of using the same skeletons for even more extravagant and unusual things, with different materials I built the musical instruments, "Black Metal Skeleton Band".

Shortly afterwards, in the mid-90s, I found some old Atlantic soldiers and decided to make another musical theme: A "Reggae Band of Rastamen". I built the instruments in the same way as the tape from metal skeletons, then I cut off some parts of the soldiers and changed the position of the arms a little, finally I adjusted the typical hairstyle with wires from vinyl glue rapresa with Rastazöpfen ("Dreadlocks").

The Rock'n'Roll Star is a track by the English Oasis group, recorded as a single[1][2] in 1995[1][2] from the album Definitely Maybe, released on August 30, 1994. The song that opens the band's debut album is an integral part of the Oasis concerts. The song is part of the soundtrack of the music video game Rock Band[7].

The video clip of the song plays in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, and shows the band's performance at the Cliffs Pavilion Centre on 17 April 1995[8]. The pictures are from the performance of the group, which can be seen in the recording of Live by the Sea.

London Rock Music Tour for Small Groups with Soho and North London 2019

Discover the Bohemian charm of some of London's liveliest neighbourhoods on a 3.5-hour London Rock Music Tour. Learn more about the capital's colorful music history with an experienced guide by visiting places associated with groups such as The Beatles, The Clash, Madness and Jimmy Page. Explore fashionable areas like Camden and Islington, discover Pink Floyd's former studios, walk through Rod Stewart and Sting's houses and enrich your mind with dark musical curiosities.

Welcome your guide at the Original Tour Reservation Center, just a few minutes walk from Piccadilly Circus Station, at 9am. See also the pages where Jimmy Page cut his first album, where Joe Meek killed his landlady and where The Clash recorded London Calling.

Listen to the stories around the concert halls such as 100 Club, Ronnie Scott and Roundhouse and expand your knowledge of musical details while listening to enlightening comments. Your trip ends at the original starting point at 12:30 pm. Note: The route is subject to change without notice due to weather or traffic conditions.

I really enjoy this time! We also liked the small group approach because we could bring our own interests into the group. Magnificent guidebook. Love that trip, too. Our travel leader was very well informed about the story of rock music and we liked the story. Marvellous trip!!!!!!! My travel leader knew everything about London in the 1960s when I went to the Beatles, Stones... rock. And then Queen... it was so much joy!

This took us off the well-trodden paths to see Freddie Mercury's house and dark places that corresponded to our interests of the Summers of love! But he also suggested a trip to the'Trident Studios' - and we thank him for this proposal. Brilliant off the beaten tracks off the road trip to London.

We had a fun, competent and friendly travel companion. We were very interested in the trip and he gave us a lot of free space at the most important places of interest. That was a great way to have a Sunday mornin'. He was very competent and enthousiastic - an apparent love for his topic.

As we had a Sunday tomorrow we could quickly explore Lonond and many interesting places to be. It was a completely different perspective on London and took us to places we have never seen before, even though the name is the same as London. My travel leader was very knowledgeable and took us to the important highlight.

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