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The ultimate guide for R. Stevie Moore: biography, discography, reviews, links. Complimentary music, galleries, videos, news, bio, reviews, social contacts. BIGLIETTO PER L'INFERNO & Prog Rock Digital Music buy online:..

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Story of rock music. R. Stevie Moore: Curriculum Vitae, Diskography, Reviews, Hyperlinks

Stevie Moore started one of the proudest independent careers in rock music from his fortress in New Jersey. From 1973 to 2000 he released more than a hundred titles, including cassettes, albums, EPs and CDs. The first two albums, Phonographie (Vitla, 1976) and Delicate Tension (HP, 1978), are the work of a fan of the Barcellttasongs by Todd Rundgren, Frank Zappa and Bonzo Band.

Moore wrote a discography full of anthologies, including What's the Point (1984) and Fruit Of The TUne (1993). Music Glad (New Rose, 1986), con Part Of The Problem, e Teenage Spectacular (New Rose, 1987) sono galli albums of the mature period. He is a versatile composer who can vary from the Musikhalle (Goodbye Piano, 1978) to instrumental rock (Ist Or Mas, 1978), from popular music (Part Of The Problem, 1985) to concrete music (Non Sequitur, 1987).


But finally, what other record is it? On February 25, Chris Martin's group released a surprise video clip of Midnight, a song with a very intimate atmosphere and electronic tone that had astounded those who have been following them for years. Of Manchester, a little over twenty years old, voice that reminds of the spirit and sounds that mix rapp with rock and British pop.

2013 in music. Playlists on Youtube and Spotify, but above all like in the old days: on the air. The results of such an effort, which can already be seen intuitively in the reviews of the albums expected here and in the track list of the best 50 songs, will be presented in detail on 31 December 2013, strictly live, at 17.00 hours, even on tape!

Then two good Greatest HIts and now here they are acoustic, softer, certainly rock, intense Folk. With Richard Hawley, who summarizes a truly British record. The Lightning Bolt is Eddie's file. That' why it's not the best recording of the Pearl Jam. So it' s the best album Pearl Jam could make in the 2000s.

She is too busy posting photos of her family on Tweet, but remembers a friend who told her about three girls playing in her home in Los Angeles. In Sting there was no Broadway show inspired by the shipyard crisis in England in the 1980s.

It is the version that was conceived in songs. Folkloristic atmospheres first, then jazzy here and there, and some funny hints, but always focused on the story, the voice that slips easily on the melodies, which is perhaps intended more for the theater than for listening in the living room. Reductive classify it as a hip-hop disk.

The Nothing Was The Same is the essence of Drake: spirit, R&D, oilseed rape, word interweaving, pleasant formulation and suppository for kissing. It is very nice the second American record of the former heroes of the new British pop. But when you hear her on the air, you'll say, "Nice piece." The album' s collection of tracks is perfect and follows a more than convincing ep that ranges from powerful hop, ballade and indie rock, still so English that America and the charts like it.

This Liquid Spirit is without doubt his most soulful record, of the three that have been produced so far. And like the Soul music, which means "Soul", it envelops you without ever overwhelming you. He does it by vibrating in pieces like the cover song, or Movin', or his version of Musical Genocide.

In the light of the joy of the wind song, on the way to making the classic The "In" Crown lively and brilliant. In sadness, sometimes, but that doesn't spoil the joy of this record, not even on songs like Water Under Bridges. The Ridere di GiĆ³ia.

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