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Both Petty and Slipknot have recorded masterpieces of rock music, big and small. Story in pictures on Twitter. Joplin, Coro, Artisti Musicali, Rock N Roll, Foreste, Musical. No better way to promote a band's events than by showing some great pictures and video clips (provided by YouTube or Vimeo). View tons of free rock music wallpapers, pictures, and royalty-free stock photos.

Castelleone. Motion Music Pictures, a small rock movie festival in Alice in the city.

Friday's new date with "Motion Music Pictures", a micro-review of films dedicated to planetary music, followed by four music sets that follow the images and suggestions of age and genre. The second is the Sound City movie by Dave Grohl, director of Foo Fighters and Nirvana's historic drummer, who focuses on the history of Sound City Studios in Van Nuys, Los Angeles; a small cult reality, an analog mini-studio in which Nirvana, Kyuss, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, Rick Springfield, Tom Petty and Neil Young have recorded small and large masterpieces of rock music.

Luca Vitali - Pictures from the Rock West (Parma, Circolo Giovane Italia)

With Luca Vitali I have shared more than years of knowledge, and the latter are not in the fingers of the hands. Looking for the biggest sky in America and the smallest hole to listen to music. In short, from Luca Vitali, a photographer from Parma, I thought I had learned a few things that only the street forces me to reveal.

Then it happens that Luca finally decides to share some fragments of his art in his own city, of which he admits that he knows much less than the capital of Texas, Austin. The photo exhibition, with the apt title Pictures from Rock-West at the Circolo Giovane Italia in Parma, can be seen until the end of October.

And the first thing I did before these 13 large-format shots, mainly in black and white, was that I hadn't understood at least one thing about Luca Vitali that makes the difference when you tell the world through a photographic lens. Yes, because Luca, whom I knew as a great rock photographer and who was able to unfreeze and restore the revelation of the senses triggered by a concert, is really close to us in this capacity.

They do not (so to speak) limit themselves to capturing the soul of the musician, but throw themselves from the stage into the world, both real and imaginary, capturing their interpretation keys, interpretative glances and offering alternatives to the distracted reading of a superficial view. In Billy Joe Shaver's recording, captured in the private moment of a brief armistice, bent on the back of the stage next to a double bass, carved in black and white with marble tones, there is not only the tiredness and passion of a life as an outlaw of countrymusic, but a whole world evoked by metonymy.

In the narrow space of this stage, in the white steady son that penetrates the surface of the photo, one can see the darkness of the American provincial nights, interrupted by the beer brand fluorescent lights and the street lamps of the parking lots, the endless blue streets that always bring one back to every city. A whole world whose literary representation is brought back to life here, in the sweat and abandonment of a musician with white hair and dusty boots.

They are recordings of the heart, the heart of Luca Vitali, like the loving homages to the musical heroes of a lifetime who chased Willie Nelson and Neil Young across the Atlantic, or to their fellow musicians like the harmonizer Andrea Montacchini, both of whom have only simple narrative pretexts. If you know what one looks like, the clues in Lucas' photographs that capture the traits of an intimate poem in images are all there, starting with the photograph chosen as the cover of the exhibition.

Or elsewhere, but safely in the West, where Luca Vitali's eyes only point to running after the sun.

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