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Live music synchronized to the pictures on the big screen! Rock music and cinema have always gone hand in hand. DE ) Rock Star, su AFI catalogue of feature films, American Film Institute. Sean yseult Heavy Metal, Rob Zombie, Rock Band, Musica Alternativa, Dee. They rocketed Chris from rock fan to rock god.

MUSIKA, KINO E ALTRE MALATTIE - music, movies & other illnesses

In the antipodes of the album, there are two tracks that alone would be enough to justify its existence, with two tracks hanging on you as "A Thousand Forms Of Mind" and "Beneath The Valley Of The Underdog". The first one opens the album and remains unsurpassed for the whole duration, an absolute classic by Mudhoney, who takes the listener into the waves of a sea of electric guitars, with a full production and a satisfying sound that lets go of its epic inspiration despite its rough Garagerock.

Finally, the "Valley of the Loser" (introduced by an instrumental, "I Will Foight No More Forever", which slowly leads to the final, accompanied by the usual guitar that tears, and then merges into a harmonica that stages a desolate rural landscape) is a Seattlian scene manifold, rich in losers, toxic and various profiteers.

Amidst these gems is much solid, great music, in which the garages are violently connected to the blue and, why not, the waves. In the second part anger and slowly moving blue songs dominate, which hit hard with their atmosphere and the accelerated sounds, which leach the fabric of the songs to exhaustion ("Move With The Wind" and "Real Low Vibe" above all).

Screams, wah-wah, Stooges school's attitude to garages rock and lots of sweat are ingredients that will not be enough to decree a minimal commercial success for "Tomorrow Hit Today", so much so that their Reprise record company will soon give them up and Mudhoney will return to the court of Sub Pop and remain a wonderful bunch of "losers" to this day.

The truth is that I Will Focus No More Forever is an instrument. The title of the album takes up the title "When Tomorrow Hits", a song included in their debut album of the same name. The album includes a final hit host song, "Talkin' Randy Tate's Specter Blues", a traditional blue that was re-arranged by Mudhoney.

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