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The Cooper Temple Clause. Well, rock and roll is good time music. Well, rock and roll is good time music. One voice said follow the music. While the lyrics continue his personal saga, the music seems to have been chosen in a rather imprudent way to match these lyrics.

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There are only two main types of electrical systems with different types of sockets in the world: First, check the specifications on the device you want to use. If the voltage and frequency for your device is the same as when you are travelling, you only need to plug it in.

If the voltage supplied by the local area network (volt or volt symbol) is not within the range accepted by your device, you will need a transformer or converter to convert the voltage. It is very important to connect the devices only to the voltages for which they are designed. Connecting an electronic device designed for 110 volts to 220/230 volts can be very dangerous.

There is a risk of burns, fires or explosions; doubling the voltage actually leads to an increase of up to four times the power consumed and the heat generated. Connect a device designed for 220/230 volts to a lower voltage reserve to reduce the risk of accidents, which is not recommended in any case.

Always check the voltage used in the country you went to, the fact that the plug of the device fits well into the outlet is not sufficient to ensure that the voltage used is correct.

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Summer 1988: At the age of 17, Chiara's disease surprised everyone. After twenty days during a specific visit to the Regina Margherita Children's Hospital, the doctor Chiara informs about the severity of her illness. Her mother wanted to go with her, but because of a sudden and dangerous phlebitis in one leg, she had to stay in bed, in the house generously made available by a family unknown to her until then to take her in during chemotherapy.

She was accompanied by her father and mother on her first visit and remembers: "I waited for her, but the minutes passed, and it was hours before I saw her return from the large window of the room: she walked very slowly, with her green coat, her hands in her pocket, and her father followed her one step back.

As soon as she opens the door, I ask her: "How was Chiara? "But she, dark on her face, without looking at me, answered: "Now, don't talk - twice - now, don't talk". I looked at her: she had closed her eyes, but I could see from her facial expression the whole fight that Chiara had inside her.

After 25 minutes, which seemed endless to me, she turned to me with her usual expression and smile, she says to me: "Mom, now you can talk, you can talk". One day he asked Maria Theresa, "Mom, won't I walk again? Mother Maria Teresa still says: "I remember that when we left Turin to return to Sassello, we stopped in a barbecue like we used to.

Chiara, who always came down with her father to get something, also made the automatic gesture this time to go down, but she realized that she couldn't do it anymore, and with a normal tone she said: "Ah! Yes! I'm not running anymore...". Adidas Women's Techfit SL15 Revenge Response Boost Shoes Corsa 8nxr8zwt0qA June Chiara has a second intervention: Hopes are very low.

Meanwhile, Chiara Lubich continues her relationship in a letter: she is trusted in the discoveries and the darkness of the soul. The name Chiarauce is the name I thought for you; do you like it? It is the light of the ideal that wins the world". The foreboding of death becomes more and more vivid: "Mama, is it right to die at 17?

"Fifty Dakota Style Shades by Grey Johnson w6Hn8v, he asks her one day. Maria Teresa: "Not like that. Soon afterwards, Chiara has a heavy bleeding. She is life threatening and asks her mother: "Do you think it is a false alarm or will I go? And her mother: "I don't know, Chiara, it takes God's time to go; but don't worry, you have your suitcase ready, full of love actions, and when the time comes Jesus will take you by the hand and say: Come, now let's go!

"Chiara asks her not to let go of her hand and her mother reassures her: Gutteridge Dal Da Giubbotti Uomo 1878 Xgqs6tiw CwP5waxqg "Rest assured, I will leave it to you only when I feel that Our Lady has taken it from you". The doctors today are no longer sure whether she should die or have a transfusion; the parents are lost in the midst of this terrible doubt because they cannot understand what is best for their daughter.

CHILARA: Chiara will live another year. The small telephone in her room becomes an indispensable tool for spreading new life, intuitions of the soul, communicating and receiving feelings of proximity. At that time, Lubich proposed a new international movement for young people from all over the world, and at the founding congress of the Youth for a Unified World, words that also left their mark in the hospital, where Chiara was now forced into bed:

"It took this suffering (of Jesus on the cross), this suffering, to redeem the world - says Lubich - it also took our suffering to create a united world (...) Life with half measures is too little for a young man who has only one life: it needs something great... God proposes something great to you: to accept it" Soprabito Fa Quello Goditi Per E Trova Che La Dal Te Cappotto wqHpYxFUE.

It is the experience that Chiara Luce makes; in this way she lives on and offers every new difficulty, making herself present in a thousand ways. Africa is also always in her heart: she hands over the money she received for her eighteenth birthday to a friend who wants to go to Benin: "I don't need it, I have everything," she says.

In this small room, the mystics and saints acquire the normality of everyday life, the commonness an extraordinary holiness. Chiara simply continues to love: her parents, her doctors and nurses, her friends... Even if - as she will write to Lubich - "medicine has put her arms down".

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