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The history of the Boys is long and complex, the story of why they were a windsurf group for some time is long and complex, but although I personally consider the Boys to be one of the highest expressions of modern music, I also say that they should not be fully integrated into the world of windsurf music.

The same is true for Jan & Dean, who preceded the B.B., but in some aspects are more ingenious and innovative when it comes to "beach music". Surfing the music is about feelings and lifestyle, not lyrics. I' m not saying that "Surfin' USA" is not a piece of windsurf music, but you have to interpret it as such, you have to understand its meaning.

So I prefer to make a more precise distinction between what someone calls surfer music and "beach" music or Californian music. The big band went other ways (ventures, big boys) and the people started to look east towards Great Britain, fascinated by the phenomenon Beatles & Co. And what a phenomenon!

Another story I certainly don't know in detail. So we Italians knew little about the time before 1965 commercially, but windsurfing music came to us from other sources and almost ALL classics of the genre were recorded in instrumental versions or sung by our beautiful Italian beats.

"Dreaming of California," Dik Dik Dik sang when people didn't even know where California was, let alone what surfing was in 1962. It comes to 79 when John Blair and good old Paul Johnson decide to revive what was once called surfer music and found Jon & The Nightrider and the Packards.

The so-called "second wave" was more than anything a renaissance and also produced groups that go back to the present day, from Insect Surfers to Surfin' Lung. I believe that in order to give the whole movement new energy and impulses (if there has ever been a movement...) you have to come to the beginning of the 90s when new groups started taking shape and producing new original music.

We are on the "third wave" and the consecration comes again from California, from Hollywood, and in the form of a movie, Pulp Fiction, whose soundtrack arouses the interest of the world in surfing music. It is pointless to say that this is not the case: Pulp Fiction was fundamental to the current state of world windsurf music, a community that is finally strong, safe and full of new bands that come alive every year with new record productions!

The spread of the web has also made it possible to exchange information that was missing in 62, until today associations such as Surfer Joe Music, Surfer Guitar 101, Reverb Brazil, North East Surfer Music Alliance and others promote and create interest in this genre. Many bands use and have used windsurf music as a starting point, then they say that they have "evolved" as if windsurf music was children's stuff.... that makes me laugh in many ways and I know that at least that won't happen to me.

The more I discover his story, the more fascinated I am and the more I feel the desire to preserve the spirit of this music as it is, without impurities. One reading is the History of Surfing Music by John Blair (fourth edition published this year) and if you then want some suggestions on records.... go to Amazon, search for "Surf Music" and get ready to spend a lot of money because you will find a lot of material!

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