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Celentano Adriano Pop music, rock music. Romanian Scopri rock bands: ubi Rossi Band Pop Rock Italiana. Italo Music Reviews and Rock Progressivo Italo Bands/Artists List. found: The AEROSTATION, a cosmopolitan group with a personal sound and a strong character.

Cuba Rossi

Italian pop rock band that was founded by the very young: ...nte, FEDERICA FUTERA Mora, on bass, GIANLUCA LEONCINI on guitar, seen and heard with one of their songs at Casa Siae, was pure emotion. With " RESPIRO " name of the played piece..... enthusiastic for the total commitment between the group and the audience.


There is a growing urge for rock.... We want to start the 2019 event in an excellent way: PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI (PFM), an Italy based rock group, progressively, of great domestic and foreign renown, which also conquered Japan in 2002. Headlining the opening evening is PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI (PFM), an Italy based prog rock act with domestic and foreign renown.

AROSTATION, a group of cosmopolitans with a unique tone and a powerful temper. Discover here everything you want to know about the groups we have selected: We started with a bang, but we want to go on and get higher and higher and higher.....

Headliners of the second evening, the DARK TRANQUILLITY, Swedish Melodic Death Metal group, pioneers of the Gothemburger Sounds, expected supporters who can hardly wait to hear the angry sounds of their latest hits on the best stages in Europe and overseas. EVERGREY and DAVID REECE explosives, ready to give air to voices and electric guitars to entertain you thanks to the magic of rock music, which, like sex and a few other things in life, can be indescribable and unforgettable.

Headlining Tag 2 is DARK TRANQUILLITY, a Sweden-based tuneful deathmetal group, Gothenburg soundsioneers and eagerly awaited by audiences who can't await the aggressiveness of their latest hit on the best overseas and Europe venues. Immediately afterwards, the DAVID REECE and the EVERGREY, whose voice and guitar are available to convey the magical and memorable experience of rock music, are on display.

HERE, you'll FIND ALL THE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE GROUPS WE SELECTED: Click here to find out everything you want to know about the groups we selected: Another date to score points and not give up. The long-awaited heavymetal group that was formed in 1980 in Seattle in the United States will make us vibrate with their music from the hard and disrespectful sounds that are able to move souls and hide clean thoughts.

FLOTSAM & JATSAM will follow each other on stage and, together with ARMORED SAINT, raise the real stone to idyllic notes and colours that animate us until the end of the performances. One more date to highlight and not overlook. This eagerly awaited heavymetal act, founded in 1980 in Seattle, USA, will make us tremble to their disrespectful sounds, capable of shaking us and hiding harmless thoughts.

The FLOTSAM & JETSAM will join ARMORED SAINT on stages and bring genuine rock to an idyllic setting of note and colour that will enliven us until the end of the show. It' a show in the show, with light and sound that will shatter the scene and our minds.

Discover here everything you want to know about the groups we have selected: on the last evening the change of 6 bands will take place on stage. The headliner of last night was KAMELOT, a highly anticipated American heavy metals group that was founded in 1991 and combines different genres such as progression metals, synphonical metals and dynamic elements of electronic music.

Free Dom Call with their German Rock and Roll Music. NEIGHT DEMON, TOWER neight demon, tower of babel, gig ingese, gig ingese for gig ingame for musicals Avant-Prog, ANCILLOTTI, gig ing ing ingame for musicals made in Italy for nova bands. On the last day there will be 6 music groups on stages. Cremona' ll be trembling for sure! Yesterday night's main act will be KAMELOT, the eagerly awaited US based Powermetal group formed in 1991, capable of combining different styles such as progressivesetal, symphonic metals and pulsating aspects of electronica.

They' re gonna be following each other on stage: Free Dom Call with their inspiring energy music. The NIGHT DEMON, California based heavymetal group, TOWER OF BABEL, avant-garde British music group, ANCILLOTTI, new heavymetal group made in Italy. HERE YOU WILL FIND EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE GROUPS WE HAVE SELECTED: KLICK HERE TO FIND OUT ALL ABOUT THE GROUPS WE HAVE SELECTED:

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