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rock music films

about high school, cars and rock and roll. International music film festival SeeYouSound. In Turin, the first edition of the festival dedicated to music and cinema. Beo Show: It'?s rock music.

This conference welcomes scientific and artistic contributions (e.g. poetry readings, dance or music performances).

Fifteen rock movies you really need to see.

"Show me a guy who never wanted to be a rock actor, and I'll show you a liar," quote from Stardust, 1974. So the big screen told of the talents, ambitions, disillusionment, fame and of course the history of rock. The world of cinema was never resistant to the fascination of music, so he told many of his stories.

Movie of the year 1998 by Todd Haynes. It tells the story of the cultural movement Diamond Rock through the events of the androgynous singer Brian Slade, who was veiledly inspired to the life of David Bowie. Another protagonist of the movie is the rock star Curt Wilde, who was inspired by the figure of Iggy Pop.

It' s a cultfilm from the 80s that we have all seen before. The movie tells the daring adventures of the Blue Brothers, along with many well-known extras in the area and on the blue and rock notes of a timeless soundtrack. 1989 movie, inspired by the life and music of Jerry Lee Lewis.

The main focus is on the love affair with the young teenager Myra Gale. A movie about rock, but also about love. Movie in Blanco and Sergeant Anton Corbijn. It tells the story of the head of the Joy Division, Ian Curtis, who committed suicide in 1980. The young musician, who died at the age of 23, is played by Sam Riley.

Perfectly paints the restless soul of the artist who has shaped his whole life and artistic production. The history of the pirate radios of the 60s. The story is based on a true story that was boycotted by Caroline Station, the official broadcaster of BBC programmes, which were broadcast directly on all BBC stations from a Danish ship in 1964.

It' the excuse to listen to all the music of the time, from Jimi Hendrix, to the Who, to the Kinks. Movie directed by Alex Cox, 1986. It tells the story of Sid Vicious, bassist of Sex Pistols, and his partner, Nancy Spungen. The movie follows her love story from the rhythm of punks, which ends with her death, and a murder charge for him.

There he will change his life, fall in love, know the hard reality of the war in Vietnam and the pacifist movement up to the world of music. The movie is led by the notes of the Beatles, in a version that is sometimes visited again. Surreal images, a multitude of lively colours, bizarre drawings and figures come from the movie.

It is not a movie about the famous festivals, how many of those who have not yet seen it are made to think. It' s more a movie about the events that preceded the event and that led directly to Woodstock. The movie tells the story of Theichberg's family. But it is a movie that conveys a modern and funny vision of a musician dreaming of the spotlight: driven out of the self-founded group, he reinvents himself as a professor at the country's most renowned and conservative school.

His goal is to let his students discover the music, make it passionate and fall in love with rock by giving completely unusual lessons on the sound of AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, which are also the favorite groups of lead actor Jack Black. Based on the eponymous Who' record, it tells the story of Tommy, exactly after the dynamics that inspired the record, and boasts, among other things, the title as one of the first rock works in the history of music (released in 1969).

The movie shows the same Who, Jack Nicholson, Elton John, Tina Turner and Eric Clapton. The story covers very sensitive topics such as alcohol and drug abuse. Young Tommy's life is peppered with a series of tragedies that force him to live in a difficult and complex situation, coming into contact with completely questionable characters who will contribute to the sequence of the story.

The movie has no real plot, it's very thin in the dialogues and everything consists of a series of images and visions inspired and directed by Pink Floyd's famous The Wall record. The protagonist is a rock singer struggling with drug addiction, fame and all the complexity of the following events.

When the protagonist decides to isolate himself in a hotel room in front of a television that broadcasts war scenes, the movie focuses on the protagonist's self-observation. A biographical movie about John Lennon's life before he became famous. Not least he is one of the founders of the genre, a 1958 movie starring "The King".

The movie sees an immature Elvis Presley in his third movie experience, and although it's not a very successful showing, it remains one of his best performances. The sequence of the song that gives the title to the movie is a fundamental piece in the history of rock music and makes it, for that reason alone, a cult-to-create.

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