Rock Music Festivals

The Rock Music Festivals

The Whale Rock Music Festival is a music festival in Templeton, USA. August is the festival for all indie rock music lovers. "Young people in rock" took to the stage for a mission to Mozambique. Klassik (Opera); Pop - Rock (Hardcore - New Wave - Progressive Rock);

Disco - House - Dance - Folk - Hip Hop - Jazz. Buy Donna Multicolor Patchwork Letter Acdc Print Rock Music Festival Bleached Grain T-Shirt.


Organized by: The event is attended by various social realities: missionary groups from neighboring parishes, Fidas Verona and other charities. More than a hundred young artists, mainly from Verona, united by their passion for music and solidarity. It is this "Youth in Rock", the music festivals that offers young artists the opportunity to perform and at the same time raise funds for a mission in Mozambique.

"This is a very successful event," emphasized Marco Padovani, City Councillor for Decentralization, "not only because of the high musical quality of the performers, but also because of the important social significance with which this event was born. The sixth edition of "Giovani in Rock" is organized by Giorgio Pizzighella and Luigi Girardi in collaboration with the Verona Arte and Musica Association and dozens of volunteers who show their free commitment during the three evenings.

The event is supported by the 5th district under the leadership of President Raimondo Dilara and the municipal companies Agsm and Amia. The musical competition will be moderated by the presenter Jesusleny Gomes. The beginning of the performances, all freely accessible, is Friday the 24th at 20.30, with the ballet of the Laboratory New Line Dance, followed by the music of the Bluzz Duo and Da Quagga, a Verona group in great ascent.

The evening will conclude with a performance by the Sicilian singer and songwriter Miele, second at the Sanremo Festival 2016, together with "Ulula and the Forest". Singer songwriter Francesco Ceriani and the "David Nathan & Bros" will follow to leave the grand finish to Acquamarine, Santana's grand tour group. The last evening will be entrusted to the White Project Volume, which consists of over 40 artists, including singers, musicians and actors, including some disabled children.

Skirt n Roll Fonte

8 bands will be selected for the competition on Friday 17th and Friday 24th May (4 bands per evening) on the stage of Rock n Roll Fonte. The bands are judged by the master SIMONE MORETTIN, drummer and teacher of international reputation, and a representative of the group. Each evening, the two bands with the highest number of points will compete against each other in the final phase on Saturday 1 June and perform before a jury made up of two exceptional artists: BARBARA BELLONI and LINO BROTTO, musicians and teachers with ten years of professional experience performing at the most prestigious local, national and international events, a representative of the Festivals and the voice of the audience.

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