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After so many serious and dark arguments, let me address the subject of Bruce Springsteen, which is always so dear to me. And why is that? Not so much for the sporadic news that appear on this new record of unreleased that are already going crazy on the net, but just for a personal need that illuminates my mind as always.

Bruce's music is for me a mental purification, it sweeps away memories, moments or periods that are not particularly easy, that I have experienced and lived in everyday life, problems or worries that we all have. So take this contribution only as a personal thing so that you understand how things really stand between me and his music and also, larvamente, with his person.

I would like to inform you that this new work will be produced by him as always by Ron Aiello, his violinist friend Soozie Tyler, the organist Charlie Giordano or his wife Patti Scialfa, over 20 accredited musicians, an important thing, but you will find it everywhere. The explanation I want to give is the subject and the need for this last work is why it was done and in a very personal way, approaches the character of the figure, the reason for this choice.

There is nothing that happens by chance, it is thought, studied, it arises from his ego along with many other things that always happen in his head and soul. His mind is a forge of emotions, memories, never fantasies, with few exceptions, but it is really his heart that is given to us, with admirers and critics.

There are too many things that cook in the pot, I'm still waiting for the possibility of his solo concert, because it exists in his head, because it was "the Gost of Tom Joad", an unforgettable solo for those who had the luck to follow.

There are artists that he has always admired, that he puts into his ladders, that he proposes to us again with joy, and then we come to this record where he announces the memory of his early days as a musician who is famous today. But the themes aren't new, he needed a new immersion in the escape in the car between highways and desert spaces, strangely enough and for the first time very beautiful but untitled photos preceded him, as Tom Waits did earlier when he wanted us to understand the exit of one of his pearls.

Russell, Bruce isn't like that. He didn't write anything on his three photos, but the very fact that he published them made us understand that something was coming and we didn't wait long, so it's him, everything and immediately. Look at the photo of the album that will be released on June 14th, this beautiful horse climber who is lonely and seems to take a road alone, but where to go?

There is also a little family in the picture, the love that he, but especially his daughter Jessica, has for these animals and calls them so, is reductive, a test tube amazon in every way, and we know how much for him the family, right or wrong, has always been the important focus of his life.

We repeat in this work the taste of escape, of sunny streets, of love for the unknown, of the adventure of encountering something in our lives that we have not yet discovered. Sometimes you neglect things you've already seen because the rush is over, but with the same rush you can experience new surprises, new emotions that we underestimated afterwards.

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