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Beatles album cover art collage, classic rock music poster. The album collects some Beatles tracks that are considered pure Rock and Roll. Make your own list of music and share it with the world. Here are in alphabetical order the albums that have marked the year. Time immemorial music and innovative concepts.

Rock and Metals albums in 2019

The announcements for the rock and metal albums to be released in 2019 are certainly not missing. And who will then be the disqualifying 2019 gingko? There are many long awaited new albums of historical bands: Tool, the ultimate experimenter and last prot act to access MTV, has announced the new record, and I'm sure it will be full of curiosities and mutations.

Just listen to A Perfect Circle's A Perfect Circle's Elephant, and how James Maynard Keenan read the booklets of the Urania series and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to exhaustion, making it an almost perfect - but popular - record. He, in a long posting on facebook, let himself go to a meaculpa about the end of the tape, and how he recycled some songs for his first soloist, Elect the Dead.

And, let's face it, it's time for Serj to release a new record with unreleased songs, after the happy event of Orca Symphony and the little bit less of the soundtrack of the movie Spitak...... In December, The Rough Dog, a single in the typical System of a Down Style, but featuring Ara Malikian's fine violin, immortalised here by Agnese Ruggeri, was quietly released.

Prelude to a new, umpteenth, experiment or individual for yourself? After a very difficult career Amy Lee's volume finally seems to be ready for a new one and it is said that it will be a clear return to the origins. It' s time to come back for Myles Kennedy's Alter Bridge, who is very busy with Slash & The Conspirators, and for the AC/DC, who are missing in the rock or burst world.

I love bringing me the Horizon and it looks like one of the best works of the act when Émo screams. Big, colorful ferns are Guns'n Roses, and Axl Rose, recently named "best singer of all time", said the new record could be released sooner than expected.

To the delight of the darkest metalworkers we have unchanging crocodiles like Amon Amarth, nothing to report except that by the end of the year a single will surely be released, and the legendary Children of Bodom by this crazy Alexi Laiho: Witched will be released on March 8. On the subject of madness remains the new work by Devin Townsend, a talented composer and singer who likes to experiment in different genres and is also asked by Ayreon: Empath, who will be released in 2019, but we don't know when yet.

Probable return also for the Pope Roach, given the new single. Although the launch single Untethered Angel made us twist our noses, the new Dream Theater record will be released on February 22nd and is called by the name of Spare Time. There is also some tuneful dealetal, with the return of In Flames, I, The Mask, a sequel to Battles in 2016; the same genre for At The Gates, whose The Mirror Black will be released in January.

Let's go to the German industrial world for much safer and happier news: Kruspe from Rammstein said that the new record will be released in April; and that's a good thing, because since 2009 we don't have any news about Ohne Dichs Band, with the much discussed love is there for everyone. also Germans, will publish Ritual in January.

Arch Enemy will be released for the beautiful Angela Gossow-led group on January 18th and will include covers of Metallica and Iron Maiden as well as Queensryche. Good news also for Overkill fans: The Wings of War will be released on February 22. UK rockers, but attentive to the industry world, will release the White Lies on 1 February Five.

The Finnics under the direction of Tuomas Holopainen and the lovely Floor Jansen have endless shapes, the most exquisite of 2015, countless dates all over the world, but there is no trace of new albums. We hope to see a single by 2019. However, we comfort you with Within Temptation and the wonderful voice of Sharon Den Adel, which will be released in February, and with the black comedy of Amanda Palmer, the founder of the Dresden doll duet, There Will be No Intermission, which will be released in March, and with the yet to be released new record of violinist Emilie Autumn.

We dive into the most epic heavy metals for the return of super group Avantasia: Moonglow is released on February 1, and the writer celebrates uncorking sparkling wine a century old. In folklore, the italic furor Gallico will - with certainty - return with the dawn of time in February. As we move on to the line-up, with the exception of Dream Theater - where fortunately the wildest evolution is highest - we have the new version of Queensryche, The Verdict, which will be released on March 1st.

I mean, we're gonna have a February full of big releases. Keep on the ball (and always rely)!

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