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rocking music

Italia has created one of the most productive schools for progressive rock. The Fiume Rock Music Festival, Fiumefreddo Bruzio. The South African country of Botswana, with a population of around two million, is also home to hundreds of hard rock music fans who have achieved great fame. corsi di basso elettrico chitarra elettrica batteria provincia di varese e cologno monzese. Explore the most collected and trendiest prog rock music.

Join Prog Rock collectors around the world and complete your collection.

The Big Rock Music Pub, San Giorgio del Sannio - restaurant reviews, phone numbers & photos

The meat and its baking, the bread that they use for the sandwiches is perfect, the frying is exceptional (take the chips obligatory). High quality sandwiches, french fries and beers. The meat is exceptional, not to mention the French fries: light and NOT full of oil. Excellent chips, large selection of sandwiches, we took the big rock (Amburgher and Kebab).

Good selection of service beers not very fast, but it can fit. Good sandwiches, also vegetarian. The extraordinary beers, the Elvius fruit, were a beautiful discovery. Excellent price-performance ratio.

rocking music

Between the 60s and 70s, rock was a faithful companion to everyday life for a whole generation, a soundtrack of love, utopias and disappointments, of grey and colourful days: it represented the pulsating rhythm of existence. For those who remember this time of year nostalgically, but also for all lovers of good music - especially for the youngest - this book is the ideal travel companion to rediscover the roots of a passion, rock, and to learn more about records, artists, songs that inspire us again and again today as yesterday.

A 250-stage itinerary, i.e. 250 LPs, illustrated in detail with critical reviews, wardrobe news and a whole series of elements (from the names of the musicians involved to the release dates to the colour rendition of all covers...) to find the great protagonists of an exceptional creative season, not only in the musical field: from the Beatles to Jimi Hendrix, from Frank Zappa to the Byrds.

And find the origins of music and society today.


The Steve Legend band plays the American style repertoire with rock and country-influences, inspired by the covers of Keith Urban and John Mayer (the first Roman covers). The setlist also includes famous pieces by Eric Clapton, Bryan Adams and George Micheal, which have been cleverly rearranged.

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