Be it backpacking, caravanning or camping, the Ayers Rock Campground offers accommodation to suit your needs. Overlooking the East Alligator floodplains, Ubirr Rock offers beautiful sunsets. Latest tweets from Rock in Roma (@Rock_in_Roma). IT'?S THE LAB ROCK OF THE SECURITY ACADEMY.

Rock Hydra Weitere Neuauflagen von Idra delle Rocce. eine Show von Gino Auriuso und Antonello Fassari mit Antonello Fassari, Gino Auriuso, Irma Ciaramella.

The best hotels and accommodation near Ayers Rock, Australia.

Mystic place that should be lived with the silence of the desert and sometimes it is not possible for too many tourists, but beautiful places and Australia, from this point of view, is really well organized. The place is beautiful and offers a lot in every respect: excursions, helicopter tours, bike tours, camel excursions, a paradise for photographers.

Many and extremely annoying: essential to turn, with the head protected by special nets that you can buy at the hotel. If you want to be independent, you need a car. The way to Mount Olga is also very beautiful, even if the way is not well marked at a certain point and this is not nice in view of the extreme heat conditions and other things.

At dawn (in winter approx. 7.30 +/- 10 minutes) less beautiful, but still an experience. The different paths give the possibility to discover the secrets without hurting the true guardians of the culture of the place with its ascent... The Aborigines. The room is spacious with everything you need (including a safe).

Presence of everything you need inside the residence, so perfect for shopping or dining, subject to availability. In order to make a judgement, you must book and stop a property: only then can we ensure that the valuations are written by real guests. During their stay our guests can convince themselves of the tranquillity of the accommodation, the friendliness of the personnel and much more.

After the stay the guests can express an opinion.

home- Garnì On The Rock

The idea of buying and renovating the former "Michelotti Hotel" was born as a game, in an evening with friends. The idea soon becomes a project that is carried out with seriousness and commitment. After 50 years of honourable service, the old building gave way to the new "GARNI' ON THE ROCK", which was erected on the fortress of the castle.

In our guesthouse there is not only space for relaxation and outdoor activities, but also in the common rooms of the guesthouse you can breathe a little local art. The corridors of the Garnì On The Rock are used for the permanent exhibition of the magnificent paintings of the artist Dimitri riveano "Mitija" Alberti. All exhibited works can be purchased.

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