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Lyrics from songs by Red Nichols & His Five Pennies. The Red Nichols & His Band. Mail su Red Nichols scritti d'giacomoverri. and his pennies. and his pennies.

$$Red Nichols & his Five Pennies$$$

"Archeologist cameo of jazz", I propose today two "results", both of which are significant for age, both for the relatively surprising quality of videos and music. A sweet biography of the trumpeter-nectist Red Nichols (1905-1965), played by Danny Kaye, an actor who was very famous then and almost forgotten today. However, the movie was decorated with a delicious participation of Louis Armstrong, which we can see in this duet with the protagonist.

On Youtube I found two interesting videos that show us the real Nichols when he was at the height of popularity with his group "The Five Pennies". In the first film, which has the beauty of 80 years, he shows us a typical jazz setting of these years and is interested both in the musical aspect, when some of the young protagonists become famous, and in the "costume", which offers us a vision of the climate of those days that little preceded the terrible crisis.

Besides Nichols, who was 24 years old at the time, there is Eddie Condon, guitar and vocals (24 years old), Pee Wee Russell, clarinet (23 years old) and Miff Mole, trumpet (32 years old). Critics defined Red Nichols as somewhat vicious, "the Bix Biederbecke of the poor," actually, although technically very good, according to J. Ev. Berendt, "he didn't have Bix's inventiveness and sensitivity in the least.

His music was a kind of Dixieland in New York sauce and represented the transition to swings. The following tape is four years later and is probably from a movie, but I couldn't trace it back to the title. The only one not in uniform at the centre of the scene is Nichols, who plays an entertaining play entitled Troublesome Trumpet. 1933, "New Deal" period, justifies the return to serenity.


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