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The Johnny Rotten: "La musica punk per me era positiva. Rock'n'Punk Sagittarius Party. a cura di Bluemotion. Title: Italy against Switzerland the punk match. It's also strange that punk isn't called rock.

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Il Buio Club 19-05-2018

RABMONA GOODS TO BITBURG. Two world legends of punk will be on stage at the Il Buio Club, a night of rebellion, alcohol and sharp guitars! RAMONES. England reacts with the first big punk wave that paves the way for changes with groups like the Sex Pistols. On stage is a band with a rough and aggressive tone, disrespectful and scandalous lyrics, sharp guitars and angry words... here you are THE CLASH. You are!

Two tributes to two punk legends will perform on the stage of the Il Buio Club: THE CLASH // The Poffish "The Crash Cover" From the flames of London Punk to the worldwide "Patchanka" of "Sandinista! From the beginnings of "The Clash" (1977) to "Give Em Enough Rope" (1978), "London Calling" (1979) and "Sandinista!", The Poffish will play The Clash's most famous tracks.

1980 Combat Rock' 1982. Take rock'n'roll from the '50s, put it in a mixer that travels to the rapid rhythm of Tommy's aggressive drums, accompany him to Joey's screaming voice, Johnny's distorted guitar and Dee Dee Dee Dee's stubborn bass rounds: "Ladies and gentlemen, Ramones' punk rock is served.

Ramona Goes To Bitburg will play the most iconic tracks of the Rames, from the beginning of "Ramones" (1976) through "Rocket to Russia" (1979) and "Road To Ruin" (1978) to "End Of The Century" (1980) and "Animal Boy" (1986) and "Adios Amigos" (1995).

Pistols vs. Ramones: Johnny Rotten and Marky Ramone argue at the presentation of the documentary "Punk". The photo and the movie

The SIR Studios Hollywoods premiered the documentary "Punk", produced by John Varvatos and presented by Iggy Pop. On stage, one of the most famous clashes between members of two bands symbolizing the genre was staged: Pistols and Ramones. During a heated debate, Johnny Rotten of Six Pistols threw himself hard on Marky Ramone (in front of amused Duff McKagan and Henry Rollins) about the definition of punk, the meaning of the movement, and what the respective groups had done during their careers.

The transcript of the conflict between Johnny Rotten and Marky Ramone: Johnny Rotten: "The punk music was positive for me. POTEVOVO CAMBIERE LE potevovo cambiere le no-stre video con la musicica. "That Duff" could do it! "Marky Ramone: "Come mi shai shiamato wo ey wo y? "Johnny Rotten: "Hey Johnny Ramone never did anything.

You like fucking heavymetal music" Johnny Rotten: "This is a very difficult topic. Saying when the punk movement began, how long it lasted or whether it ended in a certain time is a damn lie. "In the second of the videos, "You've heard everything about the Sex Pistols.

And these words could take me straight to Parliament" Marky Ramone: "And what do you say about you growing up? "Johnny Rotten: "Not dire stronzate! Don't do it! You' re the bad guy... you' re like Johnny!" And Marky Ramone: "Don't fight with me, I'm not the enemy.

If it weren't for the damn Ramones, you'd be baking fry and seafood! "Johnny Rotten: "Io amo i Ramones! But I have a higher state" Marky Ramone: "I believe you...". So he was the best" Johnny Rotten: "Sid was a celebrity and not an idiot like you.

Enjoy your drugs" Iggy Pop, together with his friend and designer John Varvatos, has produced a TV series consisting of several documentaries simply called punk. The series was born with the idea of telling the story of punk music, and in this context Varvatos, who recently also founded his record label John Varvatos Records, explained: "Exploring and reviving the history of punk was a real love job for me.

The ability of punk to overcome generations through its culture, music and style is a story to tell. So, finish quoting the Ramones - "Hey Ho, Let's Go!".

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