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Well, we'll do "Beyond the valley" again, then we'll record, I hope in May, "Punk Rock Confidential". Record store in Florence, Italy. The new remix album of daft Punk !!!

!!! now suppressed !!!!! GOLD-PLATED, FRAMED VINYL RECORD. Vinyl Psych-Out Production: Potions for the spirit.

Latest updates

Now available "prigioniero", the new record of Rock'n'Oi! volume F.A.V.L. Ragazzi a little new vinyl arrivals, here is the list: Here has come the new vinyl list: As the title says huge offer for this week, from Monday to Sunday you can buy the two LPs of Plakkaggio, which is in front of the red vinyl sack and black vinyl landing for only 5 ?!

Anyway, our shop will never be shut down, so please get in touch with us for all information regarding our products such as our products like our products, our products, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. and low cost delivery all over Europa! On May 26th, the official release date for Ragazzi's new F.A.V.L. CD - the single line - will be Digipacked with all the bands' produced vinyl and vinyl splits and is already available with a SPECIAL OFFER in advance, so if you buy it one day before the release, you can get it at a reduced rate and with free delivery!

Alboum Taser: Sale in distance people!!!!!! and many offers and discounts on many articles, both clothes and records, also with every free purchase an advertising CD of Jennie Woot!!!!! You really have no more excuses. Infos and photos about the event on Facebook:

Florence Contempo Records - Record label and shop

On Sunday, December 2nd, from 15:30, Massimo Zamboni, Angela Baraldi and Cristiano Roversi will be our guests to present Contempo Records' latest album released last week, Song A Kreuzberg! All information about the disc: A Kreuzberg We are waiting for you in our shop in Florence, in Via Nei Neri 15R (Santa Croce area).

Autonomous label since 2001

7 years at the Antishit and NoReason Festival! 7 years have been heralded with many other great acts at the NoReason Festival in Milan and the Antishit Fest in Holland! Your copy of Skeleton on Gate fold Vinyl or Digital sleeve CD can be purchased from all participating label. Punk Rock against War' was a hit!

Rock punk against war was a great hit! We are very lucky and proud that we could give 885,00 Euro for the EMERGENCY. Merry Christmas and see you next year for the second issue! Rock punk against war was a great hit! Many thanks to all the people and artists who contributed to the project, we love you!

The eighth edition of the We Love Livorno compilation is finally online with Bobo Rondelli, The Zen Circus, Motta, Strana Officina, 7Years, Tommaso Novi, Francesco Bottai and many, many others... You can buy it at the following address, the sales proceeds will be donated to those who were hit by the fire in the mountains of Pisa last September 2018.

A big thank you to all the artists who contributed with their music.

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