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Discography" CD by PUNK SOUND AGAINST. This is Sound & Fury, an album by Youth Brigade. A versatile and unique ensemble of cellos, piano bass, electric guitar and drums in the styles neoclassic, punk, rock and gothic. Punk Mother Fucker. Cullen' raw garage punk sound is strongly related to his fusion of different musical styles.

Punk Sound Against, more often known under the acronym P.S.A., was an 80's active Punk band from Sassari, Italy. Together with other groups like Bloody Riot, Stigmathe, Declino, Peggio Punx and others they formed the basis for what American fanzines and magazines like Maximumrocknroll called Indian hard-core.

The album, on which 14 tracks were sung in English on page A and 17 tracks were sung in Italian on page 2, was first reviewed positively by Alberto Gorrani on Rockerilla[1], a magazine in which Gorrani also wrote three popular articles under the name Italia la punk, and later by San Francisco Magazine with international distribution Maximumrocknroll, which enabled a good sales success of over 4000 copies[1].

The album will be re-released in 2005 by the Parmesan label Rockin' Bis. In the following years, the group developed an intense network of contacts with the Italian and foreign scene, which led it to numerous collections, often published as appendices to fanzines and magazines, including Lärmattacke (1983) for Anti-System Tapes, Dark Movements N°1 (1984) for Oscuri Prodotti Records and Loro Decidono...Tu Paghi!

In 1984 her concert with Victor Charlie in Pisa, where the P.S.A. shared the stage with Bloody Riot and Stigmathe[1], remains in memory. They also released their 1984 debut LP Live in Sassari and took part in the English compilation Bollox To The Glonads - Here's The Testicles released on Sheffield's Pax Records, which featured international groups such as Ant System, Repulsive Alien, Mau Maus and Legion Of Parasites[3].

P.S.A. collapsed during the preparation of the album that was to be released on Sheffield's label and for which they had already recorded 5 tracks[2]. In 1994 the P.S.A. was included in the First of the Second Republic compilation published by the active province of Emilia. In 2005 they were included in the Hate / Love Compilations co-produced by LoveHate80, SOA Records, Mele Marce Records and Punk In Italia.

Also in 2005 the new edition of the Rockin' Pones record Sulla Nostra Pelle is released. In 2005 SOA Records also released the greatest hits with the same title: Punk Sound Against. Lumi di punk: la scena italiena racontata daai protagonisti, Agenzia X, 2006. Hardcore Diego Nozza. Introduction to Italian punk of the 80s, Fano, Edizioni brac, 2011, ISBN 978-88-97389-02-6.

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