Punk Songs 2016

2016 Punk Songs

The celebrations for the 40th anniversary of punk have begun in London. London celebrates 40 years of punk in 2016. I' ve probably got six songs, more or less, romping around right now." Geld - Suicide songs (LP 180g)(Sealed)(2016)(Indie Rock). ( VI );

Spanish love songs + drum drum dance dance.

Babycreamers - Refensione - Voodoo Songs (Punk-Funk, Punk rock)

From the very beginning we can understand that babyscreamers speak an atavistic language about the almost primordial field of rocks. Not that listening to "Voodoo Songs" - England for example with the jets to Australia - couldn't result in more modern pictures, but the direct references are Stooges and Rolling Stones as well as the Stars and Stripes stoners of Queens of the Stone Age.

The baby-screamers are essential (bass, guitar, drums); they scratch; they are direct, like their "railroad" "Bomb The Hill": a train shot at full speed to undefined targets. "I' m The King", basically suspended in a vacuum, is as audacious as a springy apron hunter who enters the venue to the rhythm of the loudspeakers.

The three, with fascinating sovereignty, play fillingly, independent of the injured empty environment. Ancona' s ribbon playing away from you could echo like a train whistling and approaching the horizon.

Stretaming: Baby creamers - Albums - Vodoo Songs (Punk-Funk, Punk-Rock, Garage)

Active since 2012, her first eponymous record was released in December 2014, followed by a large number of shows in the region and not only for the whole of 2015, which led her to collaborate with other bands and with various promotional realities. In 2016 they come back with an EP called Vodoo Songs, which looks with a different taste but always with the same roots of the old record.

"DICONO DI USI " lazy ears, babyscreamers are the brilliant birth of the anconetic label Blackhousexp, which gives us an authentic jewel, the birth of the volcanic spirit of Roberto Quercetti (QUT) guitar, which, flanked by the resolute rhythm of Nicola Paggi on bass and Sabo on drums, clears up many clich├ęs about styles and musical canons.

Scratch and refine, experimental and perfect in the canons of www. canons at the same time. It' not enough: put the smoothie in the oven of all the hardcore punks you can restore; the little crystallized substance that remains is pure rock music, budding, babyscreamers exactly!

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