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. Download the vector illustration Zombie Head Punk Rock now. The band plays a direct and furious hardcore punk and shoots at the audience songs in no time at all, without a break.

Twenty songs about zombies, from rock to heavy metals to punk! Ascolo.

Among the different themes preferred (but not only) by many artists of the rock, metall and punk scene are the zombies, be it a single song, whole albums or even the name of the group. Specifically, I will propose twenty songs with themes related to zombies, without creating a ranking list of the most beautiful, famous or technically best songs - simply twenty songs (with listening links) that lovers of the undead will enjoy (I hope) by touching only some of the musical genres covered by our portal and proposing them in chronological order by release date, from the oldest single to the most recent.

So here are 20 songs about zombies, from rock to heavy metals and punk! Astro Zombies' (Misfits) >Ascolta! The track was released in March 1982 as part of the debut album of US terror punk Miss Fits entitled 'Walk Amng Us'; released on Ruby Records/Slash Records. Zombie Attack' (Jug) >Ascolta! It' the song that gives the title to the debut album of Teutonic Tankard, the Teutonic metals.

It was released on Noise Records in 1986. Zombie Ritual' (Death) >Ascolta! The song, released by the Floridian Death Death Death, appears on the band's first record, Scream Bloody Gore, released for Combat Records on 25 May 1987. Zombie' (Death SS) >Ascolta! The track comes from the first Studioalbum of the Italian Horror-Metaller Death SS (although it was published before as demo version).

In Death Of Steve Sylvester' was released on Metalmaster/Lucifer Records in 1988. Eaten Alive' >Ascolta! The american Grindcore-Band Republic released a single Studioalbum with the title "Horrified", which was released by Necrosis Records in 1989. The result is the song with the zombie theme that I propose.

Zombie' (The cranberries) >Ascolta! Released on Cranberries, it's part of the Irish band's second album entitled 'No Need To Argue', released on Island Records on 27 September 1994. "Vengeance of the Zombie" (6 ft underground) >Ascolta! Single from the second Studioalbum of the Groove/Tod'n'roll Floridiana-Band with the title 'Warpath'; released by Metal Blade Records on September 8th 1997.

Zombie Apocalypse' >Ascolta! Mortician, a Grindcore/Deathetal band from the USA, released Zombie Apocalypse' both as a 1997 single for Relapse Records and as Ep, named after the same song released in February 1998; released by the same label. Live dead girl' (Rob Zombie) >Ascolta! Song on Hellbilly Deluxe", the first solo record of the American industrial metalist Rob Zombie, after the dissolution of his ex-band White Zombie.

Embedded and yet I breathe" (Necrophagia) >Ascolta! The song is from the track list of'Holocausto De La Morte', the third record of the American metal band Necrophagia, released 1998 by Red Stream Inc. 'Army Of Zombies' (Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards) >Ascolta! A track from the solo project of American punk musician Martin Frederiksen (Rancid), released with the first and eponymous record, which was released on Hellcat Records in March 2001.

Pit Of Zombies' >Ascolta! The song is included on the Gore Obsessed record, the eighth record of the American deal metaller Cannibal Corpse, released on February 25, 2002 for Music Blade Records. Victim Zombie' (Nun Murder) >Ascolta! It' a song of the American deal meth metall group Nunslaughter, which can be heard on the second recording of the line-up, which was released on July 7th, 2003 by the Reverenge-Produktion.

Goat" was released in a limited edition of only one thousand copies. Wednesday 13: "I Walked With A Zombie. Former Murderdolls member Wednesday 13 (née Joseph Poole) started his solo project with his début record "Transylvania 90210: Songs of Death, Dying, and the Dead".

The 2005 Roadrunner Records release contained this track. Walking like a zombie' (Horrorpops) >Ascolta! So Gli Horrorpopsonouna tied his psychobilly dances. The song is on the line-up's second full-length record entitled 'Bring It On!', released on Hellcat Records on September 13, 2005. Zombie Hop' (Zombina and the Skeletons) >Ascolta!

A track from the second Liverpool Zombina And The Skeletones night rock act's night surf/punk rock release entitled 'Monsters On 45', released on 6 March 2006 on Ectoplastic Records. My body will rise' (autopsy) >Ascolta! Based on the Ep'The Tomb Within' this track was released by the American deal metall act Autopsy.

Road Zombie' (Social Ditortion) >Ascolta! Based on the seventh American punk group' Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes seven release on January 18, 2011 from Epitaph Records. Zombie in love' (ShowStripSilence) >Ascolta! It' a song of the Hard'n'Roll from the Emilia Romagna show StripSilence. From the second record of the group titled "13 Thales Of Love And Death", released on Sleazy Rider Records on January 13, 2012.

I' m afraid the group just broke up. Lacuna Coil >Ascolta! With their seventh record, Lacuna Coil released the latest record "Broken Crown Halo" to date. The Italian gothic/alternative band's debut release was released on March 31, 2014 on Century Media Records.

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