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Today, the thought of women in the face of repetition seems almost a moral obligation. We were thinking about women with a play list. This is a play list about women, the women of punk rock, from those who have written history to those who continue to immortalize a dream. Women in punk could be seen as an independent category, a feminist movement that has existed for decades in the hope of asserting its voice, its ideas, its thoughts, its attitudes, its freedom and its spirit of belonging.

I have met many women during my travels and transfers, between concerts, waiting times, parties and festivals. I met strong, courageous women, I met women who have a clear role, but who still often feel overwhelmed by a purely male scene that loves women.

I have to thank strong women like Brody Dale, Joan Jett, Patti Smith, because they made the punk scene a safe place for us too, they made it home. And I am inclined to this possibility, even if it is a small one, that one day lemon candies will no longer be needed to compensate for the male inspiration of a society that behaves like shrimps.

I am inclined that the debates about abortion, renting out bodies and whether I want to be mothers or not will one day only be memories of an old and outdated society. I am sticking to the strength that women have shown over the years and have shown again and again, and I hope that it is precisely this strength that the long feminist struggles and the great successes we have achieved claim.

Greetings to all of you women, but also to you men who recognize our value.

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