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Band, Caserta, Campania; Punk, Emo. Instanza di, gruppo musicale rock. folk punk - This category of Wikipedia, unless otherwise noted. The fourth EP of the punk band New Jersey The Bouncing Souls.

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The Punk Portal aims to guide you to the pages related to the punk music movement. You want to create a punk music voice? The NOFX is a tuneful punk rock melody group born in 1983 in Berkeley, California. The group is strongly inspired by American punk groups (Ramones, Mischits, Bad Religion and Rich Kids on LSD) and currently enjoys great popularity.

In their first albums the group expressed a typical hard-core punk tone with explicit strain edged references, while since 1991, with the entry of guitarist El Hefe and the final musical consolidation of the group, they turned to a melodic style of ska punk heavy with influences from Pop Punk. Her texts generally deal with politics, society, punk subculture, racism, music industry and religion, often with a lot of irony and double sentences.

The term punk is an English term (which as an adjective means poor quality, cheap) that was created to identify a youth subculture that originated in the mid-1970s in Britain and the USA. The term for the subculture originated from the music punk, or rather punk rock, a rough, loud, little complex and direct music, born in the middle of the 70s in England with Sex Pistols, The Damned and Crash and in the United States with groups like Ramones, Misfits, Dead Boys, and continued in the following years until today with their developments.

The very complex history of the punk movement has influenced many forms of art and cultural aspects in general, from music to literature, from fine arts to fashion. Punkrock is the name of a style of rock music that culminated between 1976 and 1979, and is the main genre supported by punks, including many subgenres.

Among the most important representatives are English groups like Sex Pistols, Damned, The Clash and Stranglers as well as Americans like Ramones, Disfits, The Dead Boys and Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers. The origins of this musical genre lie in Detroit Rock in the late sixties, when groups like Mac5 and above all Stooges developed musical forms that abandoned the technical conventions of "classical" rock for expressive forms based mainly on sound influence,

but also in current musical proto-punk, which was recognized as such only after the punk period, when groups such as New York Dolls, The Stooges, Television, Patti Smith, who had found the punk sounds or the like, belonged to it, even before the first wave of punk or punk 77. Another pioneering group for Punk 77 are the Ramones, leading representatives of New York garages rock, who since 1974 have developed the sounds of the above-mentioned bands, which are also similar to surfing, towards simpler and more catchy forms.

Punk in the eighties had many diversifications, which took the name Hardcore-Punk, anarchistic Punk or Oi! /street punk, which are aimed primarily at the Skinhead movement. Currently the term punk rock tends to be commonly used to define any group with rough sounds and effects, the simple term punk is intended to define the groups that were part of the movement of 77 and later.

Hard-core punk is a subgenre of punk rock that developed in the United States of America around the cities of Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC and New York and simultaneously in England (UK 82) in the early 80s. Hard-core-punk should not be confused with so-called hard-core disco music (techno-hardcore).

The genre comes directly from the first punk rock. The main characteristics are often the high speed of the music, the screaming singing or the "screaming" of the most agressive and distorted sounds. Particularly interesting are the forms already mentioned, which the anarchist punk and straight-edge currents have taken, which completely reject the vision of the first punks who adhere to a healthy lifestyle, ecological, animalistic and sometimes pacifist, vegetarian or vegan.

Nevertheless, some forms of hard-core, such as road punk (of which only part is hard-core punk), are propagated as a continuation of the nihilistic vision typical of some British punk 77 groups, such as Sex Pistols. Stooges (also known as Iggy & The Stooges) is a rock band founded in Detroit in 1967.

Among the forerunners of the punk movement (some consider them the founders of the movement), then among the founders of proto-punk, were among the most influential American groups of all time, accompanied by Velvet Underground and MC5. The Iggy Pop, before the founding of the Stooges, fought in several groups in the area of Ann Arbor, a town in Michigan near Detroit, including the iguanas (of which she will bear the name Iggy and the nickname L'Iguana) and the Prime Mover.

The idea to form the group came to him after hearing several local blue groups and moving to Chicago to be inspired by the groups in that city. Are you interested in punk music? Then why don't you join the punk project?

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