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A black t-shirt by punk legend Uk Subs, this shirt shows group member photos in every corner of a Union Jack with London punk rock text and a group logo over it. Read the full lyrics of U.K. Subs' Punk Rock from the Universal Album. Find the perfect stock photo of the British punk band.

Crazy Bull Punk Uk Subs is a legend.

> ? Uk Subs al Crazy Bull il... ? At 9:00 p.m. at the Crazy Bull of Sampierdarena, the UK Subs will arrive. This is a punk rock band founded in 1976 in London. One of the first groups of the English punk scene and one of the oldest that is still active today.

I' m also one of the first punk groups on the streets. The name of the group was The Subversive at first, but then it was shortened to The Subs and finally changed to U.K. The Subs. The most successful commercial album by Uk Subs is the Crash Course, which was released in 1980. February 07, 2019 sec.

United Kingdom subs and vibe back in Italy: four dates in February 2011 with the timeless English punk bands.

Back in Italy, exactly one year later, the legendary English punk group UK Subs will perform: In February 2011, the UK Subs will perform for a series of concerts (in Brescia, Rome, Bologna and Gorizia) with the branding and scratching lyrics that have always distinguished them. The UK Subs will be accompanied on this trip by another pillar of punk legend and world: the punk vibrator.

Born in 1976, they were also pioneers, first in punk rock and then in the new world. But that' s not all: the first of the four planned dates (from 13 to 17 February 2011) at Magazzino 47 in Brescia will be a real mini-punk rock festival thanks to the participation of the casualties, the undisputed speakers of American anarcho-punk for almost twenty years.

An appointment not to be missed for every decent punk rockers from Northern Italy! For more than 30 years the British subwoofers have been screaming their rage on stages all over the world. The original core of the group was founded in 1976 under the name United Kingdom Subversive, later abbreviated to UK Subs.

Inspired by bands like Damned and Ramones, they overcome both the self-destructive nihilism of the 70s and the flattening of the 90s and become one of the most successful punk bands of all time. They are considered to be the last of the original punk groups of the first generation, who kept to the slogan "Do-it-yourself" and still keep their spirit intact today.

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